needing to testify


today is my 50th birthday (woohoo!) and I can think of nothing better than to testify to the unreasonable love of God shown to me through the years by my family and friends.  my cup overflows!  hope you enjoy the show. you may even find yourself there!

10 thoughts on “needing to testify

  1. Oh, my, I’m crying! I’ve been waiting for you to start your blog–it was inevitable! Your pics are beautiful, as are you; you are a real encourager!


  2. Awesome Ruthi… that was very fun to watch. You are a blessing to me, my sister 🙂 Hope your 50th is BLESSED in every way!


  3. Wow!!! This was beautiful Ruthi and so touching. You are a beautiful woman whose life has touched all who have had the blessing of knowing and loving you.
    Happy 50th Birthday my friend. I love you, Debbie

    PS( You so don’t look 50!!!!)


  4. I remember some of the folks in those pictures. I really remember that you had a pet monkey! Glad to see the people and friends God has brought into your life and so thankful too for God’s faithfulness to you and your testimony of it!


    1. Hi Anita – God has brought wonderful people into my life. And God’s faithfulness in spite of me astounds me at times! Thanks for visiting my blog
      love, ruthi


  5. Hi, Ruthi,
    I probably remember those early photos better than anyone who has commented here. I remember when I was working at Camp Gilead and your folks were there, of course. I went into the clinic one day, and your mom was there, lying down. She shared with me that she was expecting you. They were SO excited. And I know that you have been a joy to them throughout the years.

    50? Wow. That makes me really old.

    You have a lovely blog.


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