biker chics

My friend Kim and I have been walking buddies for about a year now. There are lots of days when I don’t want to, but I do because of her. It has been a blessing for me to have a friend whose motto is “JUST DO IT!” (I love how she makes decisions.) Thanks Kim!
So one day she casually mentioned wanting to participate in the Bike Ride for the Homeless put on by a local christian radio station. I had just read the book Same Kind of Different As Me , so I said “that’s sounds great…let’s do it”.

Now you have to understand that I walk 3-5 miles most days, but riding my bike…well, that’s not an everyday affair. That involves a totally different set of muscles, right? So what was I thinking!?!?!? Me, ride my bike for 2 days/120 miles, in God only knows what kind of weather?! I am not sure a big-bertha seat and padded shorts are really going to cut it for this 50 year old. But we are going to do it, along with another friend Julie. Right now we are supposedly “in training”… we only have 2 weeks until the big weekend. I’ve thought about becoming a drop out, but so many friends have donated to the cause that I can’t even consider that. THANK YOU!

So this is where in my weakness, God will come through and be my strength. I am counting on that… padded shorts and all! But maybe I should have an ambulance on stand-by…

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