my superhero

49 years ago today he was born

mark david

to missionary parents, the youngest of four boys

dejong prayer card

he spent the first 12 years of his life in south africa

mark dejong

living every boys dream

we fell in love and married when teenagers…

Mark & Ruth DeJong

grew up with our kids…

our family | 1982

his name, Mark David, means “warrior / friend”


fitting for him since he has fought hard for our marriage and is my best friend.

Us | 2007 | DR

Thank you Mark for being you, the man I love…

Mark David | 2008 | CA

fast & furious, wild & crazy, courageous & determined, wise & loving, creative & inspiring, faithful & true.

You are a Christ-follower with an entrepreneur spirit – a winning combination.

mark the builder

you are my superhero


happy birthday, babe

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