Father’s Day

Today is a good day to honor the man I call Dad.

Dad has been a wonderful example of someone so dedicated to serving his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that his life motto is “Lord, anytime, anywhere, any place, at any cost”. Most of his life he has served the Lord in missions, whether hacking his way through the Amazon looking for lost tribes or traveling the world encouraging others to catch the mission vision.


I am thankful for the example he has been as a loving husband to Mom.
art evy

His sense of humor, for which he has a reputation, is something we all appreciate!

Dad has been a wonderful “Pops” to my girls.
art amber veronica

Our whole family loves him very much.

So today is a good day to say,
Dad, we appreciate all you do for us…
the wisdom you share, the love you give, the faith you live.
We love, honor and respect you!
art  ruthi

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I love the way you share your family, Ruthi. Your father certainly has been a champion of the faith over the years. Don loved going to his house and doing work, because there was always lots of time to talk. You dad called him his “220 Buddy.”


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