Art Yohner’s – Medical Update #1

Dad was taken to the hospital on Saturday, July 4th. His Parkinson symptoms had rapidly deteriorated to the point that he needed to be observed and evaluated. This was a very difficult day for our family, but something we had to walk through.

So far, they have been adjusting his medicines to see if that could be causing some of his symptoms or if it is the natural progression of Parkinson. Today the doctor hopes to be able to evaluate his condition in order to know what the next step is. He will need to go to a skilled nursing facility for now.

It goes without saying that we covet your prayers. God has indeed shown himself to be a God who answers prayers; giving us comfort, strength and peace on a moment by moment basis. Our prayer as a family is that God in His mercy and grace would touch and restore Dad, but if that is not His sovereign plan, we pray He will take him home to be with Him.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers!!!

8 thoughts on “Art Yohner’s – Medical Update #1

  1. Ruthi – just a quick note to say we’re praying for your folks – I know this is a difficult time. We just love them – how blessed you are to have such a wonderful example to follow.

    Love the blog – what wonderful praise of your parents.


  2. Ruth, thank you for letting us know.
    We have always loved and appreciated your Dad for his LOVE for the Lord and his passion to see lost people come to Christ through his own example and challenging others to missions. I still have things in my mind from mission’s messages at conferences when he was the speaker.

    Our missionary family prayed for your missionary family all my years growing up.

    Please give him our greetings and let him know that we continue to pray for him for your Mom as well.

    Much strength to you and your entire family.
    Love in Christ,

    Please include us in any other updates besides your blog.


  3. Ruthie:

    Thank you for the update on your dad. My husband and I have missed seeing them this past year, though they have been on our minds, in our hearts, and prayers.

    You have your mom’s gift with words–the tribute to your dad is tender and touching. We will keep Art and Evy in our prayers as well as you and your family. It’s a difficult time, but as your dad would say, “His grace is sufficient for me.”

    Please greet your parents for us in Christ’s love. They are special to us and have been an influence in our missions work in Peru.

    Marie and Joseph Vorbeck
    Trinity, Florida


  4. Dear Ruthi and Mark,

    Thanks for the update. Dad and I are praying for you and for Art and Evy. We know that these are difficult days. May God fill you with His strength and wisdom. May you sense His presence and comfort as you support your mother and father during this uncertain time. We are so thankful for the time we spent with your parents last August. We recall Art’s familiar humor and laughter when we were all together – joyful memories. We’ll keep checking the blog for the latest update.

    We love you,

    Dad and Mom (Sylvia) De Jong


  5. thank you for collecting your thoughts at a time that your mind must be racing.. the post is just beautiful and you are also giving information that so many want to know about.. yet they may be hesitant to call you for fear that they might bother you..
    so many are holding you tight in their hearts at this time..
    God is blessings ..


  6. Ruthi – thank you for keeping me posted. This is a very difficult time in our lives. Please know that my heart aches for you, Mark, your parents and your entire family as you all make difficult decisions. My prayer for you guys is peace, knowing the our God of the Universe is in control of every aspect of everything. May His grace surround each of you every moment along the way. Please giv


  7. Art has always meant a great deal to our entire family ever since his days at Trinity. We all love he and Evy so much. You can be sure that our prayers are with you all. God has His plans and they are the best for us. May He give you all you need as you lean on Him.


  8. Dear Evy and Ruthi,

    Over the years we have had many pastors and missionaries as friends. We treasure their memories. But somehow, Art stands out as being someone very special. How can I put it? It is almost like God’s Spirit is “jumping out of him” with joy and energy!

    We are praying for the family and especially for Art. Times such as these bow even the stalwart. We pray for courage, strength and undying trust in a God “Who Is Sufficient”.

    We love you all.

    John and Donna


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