ups and downs

Monday was a special day because Dad’s brother, Herb, drove down from Tallahassee to visit with Dad. He indeed recognized Herb and got a little smile on his face when he walked in. There was reminiscing, some joke telling, and some tears. We were so happy to be able to stroll him along the river in his wheelchair. The fresh air and sunshine had to feel good! Thanks so much Herb for making your big brother’s day!

On Tuesday, the Moons, long-time and treasured friends of my parents, came for a visit. Again there was reminiscing over many shared memories. Dad laughed with us as they talked about the time he “broke” their coffee pot and the many pranks they pulled on each other when they visited our home in the jungle.

Dad’s suite-mate is Richard, a sweet man who happens to be a Catholic priest of 50 years. He shows concern for Dad and really watches out for him and has prayed blessings over Dad. Yesterday when Richard came into view, Dad got a big smile on his face and said “there’s my buddy!”

Dad continues to have his ups and downs… times when he is responsive and times when he is not… times when he is restful and times when he is not. His eating has improved slightly. Last night he was unable to sit in his wheelchair due to his body being too tight and rigid, which is part of the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Mom and I, and Dad too if he could express it, are thankful beyond words for the friends and family God has blessed us with. Your encouraging words, your memories of times shared with Dad and your prayers has been a source of strength for us.

here’s another look into Dad’s Bible…
be encouraged!

3 thoughts on “ups and downs

  1. a walk around the river sounds wonderful..
    visits with old friends and family who know all the good stories..
    sounds precious..
    and blessings from father richard .. sweet
    ….. love in many forms..
    blessings and grace as needed for this day …


  2. Herbie Yohner! I remember him from camp. And the Moons…are you referring to Ken and Dottie? How wonderful that they are all able to come.

    Your dad’s life continues to be a blessing.


  3. Ruthi and Aunt Evy,

    Please hug Uncle Art for us and tell him how much we love him. I so wish we could do that ourselves… So please, do so for us.

    We send our love to you, too.

    Praying for you,

    Tricia, with Rick, Stephen and Grace Linnaea


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