the gift of kindness

today I made one of my favorite recipes… Sandy’s (my sister-in-love) black bottom cupcakes. died-and-gone-to-heaven in a paper cupcake liner!

 sandy's cupcakes

took them up to Dad’s caregivers with this little note…

beautiful kindness

our days have been made beautiful by their kindness and we wanted to say thank you… there is so much more joy in giving than in receiving… wouldn’t you agree?

p.s. i did save one for myself…they are afterall my favorite cupcake… i’m just saying.

5 thoughts on “the gift of kindness

  1. well yummy !!
    and beautiful !!
    and the thank you card (poster.. wow .. it’s really nice)
    don’t tell me you did that yourself …
    you have had a busy day !
    your dad would have been soooo pleased … he was such a “gifter”
    love for today and enough for tomorrow too !


  2. Ruthi, You will have to make another batch because your Mama didn’t get one. I heard everyone raving about them, but they were gone! Love Mom


  3. I haven’t made that recipe for years! Guess I need to dig it out of the recipe box.
    I used to make it all the time when I had kids living at home. Its so easy!
    Now that its just Paul and I, we don’t have the goodies around the house like we used to. Only us here to eat them and we don’t need them.
    I have seen them done with orange food coloring in the center for Halloween.
    Might have to do a batch and share with Owen and Zander, one day.

    Love you, too, Sista!


  4. Ruthi,

    The cupcakes and the note & flowers are wonderful pictures. God has truly gifted you in photography as well as writing. I am hoping that we might get to sample the cupcakes at our De Jong Christmas this year. I hope Sandy will share her receipe. Art’s caregivers are blessed by your family.

    Love and prayers,

    Dad and Mom (Sylvia) De Jong


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