take time

Mark ~ Robinson Preserve 

Take time to be separate from all friends and all duties,

all cares and all joys;

time to be still and quiet before God.

Take time not only to secure stillness from man and the world,

but from self and its energy.

 Kitty's garden

Let the Word and prayer be very precious;

but remember, even these may hinder the quiet waiting.

The activity of the mind in studying the Word,

or giving expression to its thoughts in prayer,

the activities of the heart,

with its desires and hopes and fears,

may so engage us that we do not come

to the still waiting on the All-Glorious One.

sunrise in Robinson Preserve

Though at first it may appear difficult to know how thus quietly to wait,

with the activities of mind and heart for a time subdued,

every effort after it will be rewarded;

we shall find that it grows upon us,

and the little season of silent worship will bring a peace

and a rest that give a blessing not only in prayer,

but all the day.

 Kitty's garden
…andrew murray

5 thoughts on “take time

  1. Thanks for the reminder that we need to “be still and know that He is God”. Andrew Murray is so rich in thoughts. It is “unlike” us as humans to be really still in mind and body. It is indeed a learned spiritual art which is practiced so little.

    As we grow older and the daily grind lessens, we have more time to practice this art of being still and knowing Him better; that is if we have the will to do so. I think your dad is causing us all to rethink about what is most important – really knowing the living God.

    Let your dad and mom know that Ron and Jeni are praying for them.


    1. thanks for sharing, Jeni.
      being still is a challenge for me. somtimes I think busyness is like an addiction. it fuels something in us, but then of course that “fuel” gives out. I am just learning to take the time to be still. Sitting with Dad each day so he nap safely, gives me an opportunity to sit and be still. I am thankful for that.


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