a thanksgiving note


Happy Thanksgiving Everyday to you.  The Lord blesses us more than we deserve!  We cannot thank him enough for all His benefits!

This was a bittersweet Thanksgiving, but in spite of the valley we are going through the Lord is showering us with His grace and mercy.  I started my day counting our blessing.  I can’t type them all out now but bless and praise the Lord with us for:

Giving Art more time with us.  He is stabilized.  Has a good appetite.  Is more at peace and resting.  His humor is still alive as evident when he uses one of his “one-liners.”  He sometimes responds in conversation if only a few soft spoken words.  He has captured the hearts of staff and residents even though he can’t communicate very well. 

The Westminster Towers Health Center is a wonderful, pleasant, clean, safe place where Art is cared for with compassion and skill and it is only a five minute drive from our home!

God’s marvelous provision for our every need – Art qualified for Medicaid and Hospice, which means they are paying the bills along with his Social Security!

The support of family and God’s family through prayer, encouragement, a note or phone call, a gift or act of kindness.  God is so good to me – all the time!

Peace, joy and strength for each day as I oversee Art’s care.  I spend time with him every day.  We are trusting in God’s plan and purpose, whatever that is.

Our daughter, Ruthi, who is a constant help and support to me by running errands, cooking a meal, taking care of business and keeping family and friends informed on her website/blog at www.ruthidejong.wordpress.com is a jewel from God!

Well, that is enough for starters.  Thank you dear friends for keeping in touch. 

Rejoicing in His faithfulness, Evy Yohner


As Mom has said above, this was a different thanksgiving. It was hard not having Dad sitting with us around the table. But we filled our home with friends and that made the day a blessed one.  After dinner Mom took Dad a plate of real homemade thanksgiving food and he enjoyed every bite. Once our house emptied out, the leftovers put away and the dishwasher loaded and humming, Mark, Mike, Veronica and I went down for a nice visit. Mom asked Dad what he was thankful for and he said, “the Lord Jesus Christ”.

Many of you have told us how much you appreciate seeing photos… that it helps you feel like you are here… so here’s a couple for you.

We asked one of Dad’s favorite aides, Anthony, to take a thanksgiving day picture for us.  He told us to say “cheese”. But Mark and I, being the rebels we are, said “happy thanksgiving”, which produced funny looking faces… but it’s a great photo of Dad’s sense of humor shining through and shows us that he knew exactly what was going on.


Here’s one that is a bit better of the rest of us. 🙂


We are indeed so thankful for you!

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