a revelation


After Thanksgiving, Mark and I took a little road trip to West Palm Beach to spend some time with Jesse and Amber.  On Monday morning we went with them to their doctor’s appointment and I was able to be in the room while they did the ultrasound. All I can say is AMAZING! 

baby boy jacobs

In this photo, baby Boy Jacobs is laying on his back and you are looking at his profile. You an see his arm, chest and belly, nose, mouth, chin… fearfully and wonderfully made! And yes, other views revealed that this precious little one is indeed a boy! Of course, whether a girl or a boy really did not matter, but we are all very excited that God’s plan for our family includes a grandson! Somehow knowing that “it” is “Baby Boy Jacobs” makes it seem so much more real. Praying for him is now more personal, more specific. What a joy!

Until next time… encourage each other.

4 thoughts on “a revelation

  1. Hi Ruthie!
    Just woke up to mapquest my appointment for this morn and found that Amber emailed your blog to me, as I sit here in my pj’s, reading your blog I realized how blessed I am to share this precious gift with you in our life! I am very inspired by what you have written and I am very proud of you, it’s all well done and so good to know your thoughts! I am sooo excited for baby J to come along, and soon, too!! Amber said that you were goping to WPB the last week in Feb, I wanted to be there to watch them open thier shower gifts from family afar, I hope to be able to come down then, also, if you don’t mind a slumber party with me! will call you, have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday and Congrats on being a Grandma!!! Love, your friend always, Beth


    1. Beth! thanks for visiting my blog and making a comment! WE are going to be the BEST Grandmas! So happy that you and I get the blessings of sharing a grandson 🙂 And I agree with you… Amber and Jesse will be the BEST parents 🙂 I absolutely cannot wait to meet baby boy jacobs!!!! Look forward to seeing you soon.


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