last year’s book list

I love books. Probably more than I like to read them.  Dad loved books. He collected them and gave tons away. Over the past 6 months Mom has been going through their library and giving more of them away. I snagged a few boxes full.

2009 books read

The top 5 books in the stack are from Mom & Dad’s library.

Amazing Love ~ Corrie Ten Boom. I have always loved this woman and the stories of her life. Read this one long time ago and really enjoyed it this time around.

The Practice of the Presence of God ~ Brother Lawrence. Another reread, but always good.

Adventures in Prayer ~ Catherine Marshall. I loved this little book and the stories she tells of God’s answers to her prayers.

The Knowledge of The Holy ~ AW Tozer. Had never read this one. It is good but I really had to concentrate.

Intimate Moments with the Savior ~ Ken Gire. I read this book to Dad back in July and August. He has the whole series and loved the way that Gire writes.

The next 5 were all very good and timely for me.

The North Face of God ~ Ken Gire. My favorite read last year. Like Dad, I love the way he writes… authentic and bold enough to verbalize the thoughts we all struggle with at times. The last chapter is the best!

So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore ~ Jacobsen & Coleman. A ridiculously long title, but this would be my second favorite book of the past year. It’s a novel of sorts packed with a great message. Better than The Shack.

Ambushed by Grace ~ Shelley Beach. A good resource for those who find themselves in the role of caregiver.

Crazy Love ~ Chan. Another great book. Thought provoking and yet such a simple message.

What is The Father Like ~ Keller. Probably the most encouraging book I read last year.

The next 3 had to do with the fact that we adopted a puppy in 2009 and were determined to “raise him right”.

Saturdays With Stella ~ Allison Pittman. The title of this one caught my eye because Mike and Veronica’s dog is named Stella. So I bought it. Then as I started reading it I found it was actually a good book. Allison shares her experiences training her dog, Stella and weaves in the spiritual lessons she learned in the process. A fun read.

Be the Pack Leader and A Member of the Family ~ Cesar Milan. We learned lots of good stuff in these two books and from his TV show The Dog Whisperer.  Like finding our calm assertive energy and being the pack leader. We have had some good laughs with it all, but the truth is… it works!

So there you have it… my 2009 reading list. I am thinking I have forgotten some, but these are the ones I could round up for a quick photo.

 What was your favorite book from 2009 and what’s on your list to read in 2010?

[UPDATE] I knew there had to be more books I read last year. And sure enough while decluttering my office I found them. Here they are…

The best ones out of this stack would be Sacred Marriage, Reaching Out  and Dad’s three Roseveare books. Of course anything Francine Rivers writes is good.


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