six months

It is hard to believe it has been 6 months since Dad went to live at The Towers. At that time we did not know whether we even had 2 weeks left with him, let alone 6 months. Alot of change has happened in the past 180+ days. But we find ourselves in a new normal, so to speak.

And there is much that we are thankful for…

We survived the holidays… enough said.

Dad is in a good place… clean, bright, cheery, and close by.

Dad has a good roommate… Father Thompson, a retired priest, rarely gives us any cause to complain and he cares about Dad, even though Dad cannot communicate with him.

Dad has good aides… for the most part. We have been through several aide changes and that causes some insecurities about his care. But overall we are very thankful for the nurses and aides who make sure he is well cared for.

Mom is doing well… she is settled into a routine and spends time every day with Dad, caring for him in her gentle loving way. The staff at The Towers all love her. She takes the opportunities given to her to be a light to them.

Friends and family have taken time to stop by and visit with Dad on a regular basis. Some people have no one visiting them.

God continues to faithfully provide for Mom and Dad.

Dad is calm, peaceful and resting comfortably. He is stable and has no other health issues except for the Parkinsons and dementia.

Thank you so much for your love and support. Your prayers have been what has kept us going these past 6 months. Knowing that we do not walk this alone makes all the difference in the world.

10 thoughts on “six months

  1. Ruth, your blogs are so uplifting! I love your photography. Visually uplifting also!
    Please let your mom know we continue to pray for all of you.
    Your photos and comments remind me of the years we cared for my dad and the many blessings, interspersed with stresses, grief and loss.
    Even though my dad has been with the Lord for over 10 years now, I still picture him in Haiti, with West Indies Mission ( at that time). On one knee, with gorgeous tropical scenery behind him, his pith helmet in hand, with a jaunty smile. He was sturdy and strong, adventurous, and just plain joyful, serving the Lord in rather primitive circumstances.
    I’ve known your parent for probably 35 years or more. I picture your dad the same way. Active, strong, really ENJOYING his adventures in Surinam.
    I’ve been going through a box of my dad’s old slides recently. Scanning and sharing those treasures with our family. And they are treasures. I have immersed myself in happy childhood memories. I can sense some of that in reading your blogs.
    This is not an easy time for you. Grieving is a long process and it starts before you lose your loved one. I know there are times that it is overwhelming and exhausting. The emotional drain is the worst. Althought the physical demands are there too.
    Sometimes I was just too empty and tired to even pray. I knew He was there. I knew it was His strength that was holding me up. I even FELT and WAS in His presence. But the words were too much of an effort.
    That was when I was SO grateful that I had so many dear church, missionary and family supporters, who were lifting us to the Throne of Grace.
    Just know that many are praying. Many of whom you are not even aware.
    Carolyn Sherman


  2. I’m not surprised that your mom is using this opportunity to be a light. I can picture her at your dad’s side. Wishing that IL was not so far away. I would love for my kids to get to know your mom. I will continue to pray for your dad and the family.


  3. have also been reflecting on the fact that it has been 6 months…
    .. we have learned where things are and which elevator to go
    down to get where …
    ..and which chair NOT to sit in by the windows on the first floor .. 🙂
    how to get back in the building once you go out the “out only” door !
    .. many other heart lessons along the way ..
    …thank you for letting us share this journey with you..
    …praying for God continued “strength” to face each new days and challenges
    …and the eyes to see His blessings along the way ..
    special blessings
    ron and jackie


    1. Jackie, one of the “blessings” God has given me out of this season is YOU! I am blessed by your friendship. Thanks for walking the talk.


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