a story worth reading

Today Mom and Dad are celebrating 58 years of marriage.

art evy

Their marriage is a story.

A story that makes music not noise.

A story of love, sacrifice, commitment, and selflessness.


Most people want to have lived a good story, but few are willing to do what it takes to make it so.

Thank you Mom and Dad for making your story a good read.

Happy Anniversary!

6 thoughts on “a story worth reading

  1. What a wonderful example to the rest of us! Congratulations! That is a good read. Love you guys and Happy Anniversary Uncle Art and Aunt Evy.


  2. Happy Anniversary Art and Evy. Your wedding picture shows such joy and your 58th anniversary picture exudes enduring joy.and peace. What a testimony of God’s wondrous grace in lives well spent! He has used you both to bring such glory to His name! Thank you Ruthi for sharing such a precious picture story!



    Blessings! Blessings! Beyond what we measure!
    Love shining through in whatever you do….
    giving, and planting, eternal treasure –
    God’s harvest will surely shine bright through you!

    How blessed we are to know and love you, to be lifted up in prayer, encouraged through your life, words, actions, and love. Thank you for how you have allowed Jesus to shine in you! Blessed anniversary prayers and love, Darlene and Mike Bodnar, Tampa


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