a little joy dance

today, on this my fifty-first birthday, I am thankful that you have made

my dreams of love and friendship come true.

 seems like a good day for a little joy dance…

have a happy day!

6 thoughts on “a little joy dance

  1. love it..
    i can see you doing this on main
    street in bradenton florida…
    you go girl …!!
    great “boot camp” work-out !

    you are loved by many..
    you are relied on by many..
    you are a blessing to MANY !!!
    i am blessed to have you as my friend..
    happy happy happy 51st birthday !!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTHI! This reminds me of seeing you skip along as a little girl — sometimes in Canada snow, along a Suriname jungle trail or a sandy Florida beach. Sometimes it was a challenge in the snow or just try it now on our dry sandy beach. You didn’t let that stop you, you just skipped along. I am so proud and filled with joy that you still have that skip in your heart through difficult times. God is good and He puts joy in our hearts even when the feet can’t keep up! Love, prayers and blessings, MOM


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