Recently Mark and I took a little road trip across to the other coast to spend some time with Jesse and Amber.

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Anticipation is in the air, as we are counting down the weeks until baby boy Jacobs makes his appearance.

Amber and Beth

It was great to not only spend time with Jesse and Amber, but also Beth, Jesse’s mom, who came for the weekend as well. Her sister organized a “mail-in” shower for out of town family to mail a gift before the weekend. We were able to share the joy as they opened the gifts.


baby shower

Jesse was pretty excited about these little surfer dude shorts. The cradle in this photo is one that Mark built before Amber was born. Since then around 30 (forgot to count) babies have slept in it. Their names and birthdates are written on the bottom.

a shower of blessings

They were indeed showered with the blessing of lots of wonderful baby things.

All these boys clothes are a new thing for our family! Jesse and Amber are not telling us the name of this little boy yet.  But Jesse keeps saying that he is going to call him Major Danger. So I had to make him a little shirt…

major danger

The weekend was not all about baby…


Mark took Jesse’s brother’s bike out for a spin. He is always up for a little wild-at-heart time.

We could hear him in the distance and tried not to worry.  He made it back safe and sound.

img_8360 img_8356

This place was amazing.  Insanely crowded, but oh what sensory overload!

the boys farmers market 

We left with dinner… steak, potatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus.


Getting the baby’s room ready was part of the weekend and lots of fun.


But the best part of the weekend for me was feeling my grandson dance in his momma’s womb.

6 thoughts on “anticipation

  1. Ruthi, this is so happy for you all! what a wonderful time to share together. That cradle is awesome! Mark was always good with his hands, wasnt’ he?


  2. Wow what a great story! Your blog made me feel like I was there! You must be so anxious to find out what Major Danger’s name is!! I can’t believe that haven’t told you – but at the same time I think it’s kind of neat!



  3. What a fun weekend! So glad you shared it with us. Everyone had fun. . . . even the guys. Now we just wait. Their lives will never be the same. 🙂 What a joy!!


  4. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. It was like being there. We bought some gifts but they didn’t get sent before we left for our trip south. I hope to get them in the mail this coming week. Sorry :). We loved seeing the room for the baby. We can feel your excitement Amber and Jesse, Mark and Ruthi. The idea of putting the names of all the babies who slept in the cradle on the bottom was great. It looks like Mark did beautiful work in making it. I especially enjoyed seeing Beth’s picture with Amber. Thanks again Ruthi for making your family events so available to us through photos and your descriptive words. Oh, Mark – we enjoyed seeing you having a great time with the motorcycle.
    Opa and Oma De Jong


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