Dear Jesse,

On this your birthday, I thought it would be fitting to share some photos with you.

I know, I know.

You are probably shouting Woot! Woot! while doing a jump up and down right now, just at the thought of it.

We all know how much you love the experience of  having your photo taken.


Your expressions always say, “this is so much F.U.N!”


“But really, how can I get her to stop taking SO many? I mean everytime we turn around she is wanting a photo, for cryin’ out loud!”


“I know!  I’ll give Mike a wet-willy.”


“Or maybe if I make faces, so my mother-in-law love will put the camera down!”


jesse, amber

amber & jesse

jesse, amber

Sorry Jesse, not going to work. I will always have a camera in my hand.

It’s really not all that bad is it?  There are, afterall, some great photos of you…


amber & jesse

jesse, amber, evy, veronica, mike

But this is my favorite to date…


Thank you for being such a wonderful part of  our family.

Thank you for letting me capture our family’s memories.

Thank you for loving our daughter so well.

Thank you for infusing our lives with laughter.

Thank you for embracing, with so much joy, the adventure you are about to begin as a father.

Know that you are deeply loved and admired.

May this year be beyond your wildest dreams.

Happy Birthday, Jesse Jacobs!

9 thoughts on “Dear Jesse,

  1. What a priceless gift….the gift of family and all the love that goes along with it. You all are so blessed!

    Happy Birthday Jesse from all 5 of the Komarov’s.

    Great job Ruthi…..your pictures and words capture so much, and are ALWAYS an inspiration!



  2. wow! that was sweet Ruthie…for you to do this for your son-in-law. you gave me some ideas…i still can’t get over how much Amber looks so much like you.
    beautiful girls and son in laws you have! isn’t it fun?


  3. Aw…. how precious. Thanks for sharing these images of Jesse. He is a hoot!
    I can’t wait to see him and Amber as parent’s either. When is that due date, again?
    How much longer do I have to work on this project I’m doing for the baby?

    HAppy Birthday, Jesse


  4. Ruthi – this was terrific! You have such a gift for capturing the essence of a moment, of a soul. Although I have never met Jesse I can tell what a wonderful mix he has brought to your family by looking at these photos.

    Happy Birthday Jesse!


  5. great job miss ruthi ..
    what fun ..
    your such a good mommy-in-love …
    know that your heart is full on so many levels ..
    my love


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