so how’s your dad?

Thought we were due for an update on Dad, since I have been hearing that question lately.

Dad is pretty much the same. Most days are good days where he continues to eat well and be in a calm and peaceful “mood”. Occasionally there is a “bad” day here and there where he is either agitated or does not want to eat or sleeps most of the time.

A couple weeks ago he had several bad days in a row and after testing him it was discovered he had a urinary infection. He has gone through a round of antibiotics and appears to be feeling better.

On Monday, when Mom went to be with Dad, everyone was wearing masks. It seems there has been an outbreak of some sort of upper GI infection. They are taking precautions to prevent it from spreading. Please pray that God will protect Dad from this.

I have a few photos to share with you. You’re not surprised are you?!

One of the things Mom and I are so thankful for, is the friends and family who come to visit with Dad. It not only means the world to Dad, but also to Mom and I. The reminiscing of the “good old days” is always fun.


Back in November, Herb and Shirley Shoemaker, stopped by for a visit with Dad. One of the things that I remember most of the time with them, was their ministry of prayer with Dad. An intimate sweet time.


In February, special friends, Miller and Teri Alloway,  traded the Canadian cold for the Floridian cold. It was great to spend an evening with them. Notice that Dad still manages to cross his legs from time to time.


We even bundled Dad up and went for a riverside stroll.


March brought Ivan and Doris Schoen to town from Texas. Mom and Dad worked alongside of them in the jungles of Suriname. They in fact were instrumental in God’s call on my parents. Uncle Ivan and Aunt Doris, as they are known to me,  have spent their lives translating the Scriptures into the Wayana language. They are close to completing the entire Bible!


There was, of course, lots of reminiscing and sharing of news from Suriname. Dad is not able to speak where we can understand him, but we could tell he was hearing and understanding. Good times.


And then Charlie and Norma Rinks came. Charlie and Herb, Dad’s brother, were classmates at Plant High School in Tampa. Dad taught a Bible Club at Plant High School, while he was a pastor in Tampa. Herb brought Charlie to the Bible Club and as Charlie shared with us, he found much encouragement from Dad.


This was one of Dad’s sleepy days, but he did wake up enough to get in a good laugh at one of Charlie’s jokes.


Laughter is so good for the soul.

THANK YOU to everyone who has visited Dad. I am not always there, so I do not have photos of all of you. But please know that your acts of kindness and love toward our family mean so much.  A special thank you to Harry Bell, Lucy Bobier, Dick Erickson, and Ron & Jackie Chappell who routinely visit Dad. Nursing homes are not fun places to visit… thank you for coming anyways.

And finally, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you, two people who have deeply touched our lives over the past 9 months. And yes, it has been 9 months!


Donna, is Dad’s 3-11pm nurse. And this photo says it all. She is an angel…  joyful, compassionate, and caring. She makes our lives brighter, because she allows God to shine through her. We are so blessed by her love and friendship.


Robert was not Dad’s assigned aide, but he was always kind to Dad, helping whenever he could. We always felt “good” when we knew he was working. He has moved to a different job, where his hours allow him to spend more time with his family, as well as complete his schooling for becoming an anesthesiologist (boy that was a hard word to spell!). Before he left, we gave him copies of a few of the pages of notes in Dad’s bible. We miss you Robert and trust all is well.

Once again thank you for your prayers. It seems redundant to keep saying that. But like Mom says, we mean it.

Ran across this quote recently…

We are all cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, learning how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out. ~ Ray Bradbury

Thank you for tipping yourselves over and letting the beauty flow.

5 thoughts on “so how’s your dad?

  1. Ruthi, you have said it so well for all of us! Redunant or not we say again and again THANK YOU to you who have touched our lives and keep us encouragesed!!! Don’t you love that beautiful smile on Art’s face? We treasure it every time we see it. God richly bless all of you our dear friends and family. And a special thanks to you Ruthi for your ministry of sharing these updates. Mom & Dad, Evy


  2. Ruthi, Art, and Evy,
    We continue to pray and are grateful for every reminder to visit your blog by Evy. This was a great one with all the friends! We hope we will get our chance to visit you all when we come south from Toronto in June.
    In the mean time we journey with you by remembering what a huge ministry Art and Evy have had in out lives over the year.
    Sam and Bonnie


  3. Loved seeing the Schoens again! So glad they could visit. Thanks for the update – God give you continued grace and patience for each day.


  4. We really enjoyed these photos of Art and the update. We agree, Art’s smile is a treasure! David is so thankful for the measure of health God has given him. He is delighted to be home again after four days in the hospital and eager to get back to work again at his desk. We are grateful that God saw fit to repair David’s heart so he can maintain his health and continue to serve the Lord. We trust God for the Anuerysm repair in June and the hip replacement in September, Lord willing. God be praised!


  5. Thanks for letting us share in the sunlight of the “Old Warrior”. He is so special and so is his family. God’s best to you all


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