10 day summary

My oh my! The past ten days have been full. Full of people, friends, relationships.

Weekend before last, Veronica and I spent the weekend with Amber and Jesse in West Palm Beach. We were so excited to be able to attend the baby shower Amber was given, by her co-workers. What a nice group of people!

related shower

related shower2

While we were out of town, my Aunt Janet (mom’s sister) and Uncle Ron came to town for a few days. So on Monday, which was a beautiful spring day, we  walkied at Robinson Preserve. Our Florida spring is not as dramatic as in other parts of the country, but we do indeed have spring.





On Tuesday, Janice, a special friend who goes way back, was also in town, so we gathered together some friends for dessert and coffee. What a fun time of reconnecting we all had. We talked about making it an annual event.


On Thursday I was invited to a girls night out. It was suppose to be in honor of our friend Kitty, who was headed overseas on a prayer journey with Campus Crusade. BUT, it was not a girls night out for Kitty after all because… they SURPRISED me (it must be a sign of age that I did not catch on like I usually do) with a wonderful, fun, special GRANDMA SHOWER. Now I have bibs, books, band-aids, sippy cups, bath toys, etc. and these are the same friends that gave Amber a shower 3 weeks ago! …what giving friends! I have the most A.MAZ.ING girlfriends ever! My ♥ overflows.



And finally, Mark and I met up for dinner Saturday evening with dear friends, Rob and Debbie, who moved from Bradenton 20+ years ago. It was a wonderful time of talking about old times, new times, kids, jobs and just how full life has been.



(look at my long-haired hippy husband :0 I am crazy about him)

Do you see what I mean? The past week has been a huge reminder to me of the preciousness of friendships. But I think I will save those thoughts for another post, since this one is so long already.

6 thoughts on “10 day summary

  1. You have indeed had a busy ten days. It’s probably a little hard to come back down to earth. I was so glad to be a little part of that time. A yearly reunion would be great.


  2. what a beautiful over-view of your wonderful 10 days..

    thank you for sharing you joy with us ..
    as you know.. shared joy is “double the joy”..
    sweet … love being joyful with you !!!

    how delighted all these folks are to share in
    your life !!!
    thank you Lord for blessing my friend ruthi !!

    j ❤


  3. What a great summary of all the blessings that God has bestowed on you those 10 days!

    I know that your heart is full and my heart is full for you..
    love, Ann


  4. This is really neat, I wish I could come down and take a course from you on how to do all this neat stuff…. sad to say I am not comptuer savy!!! But learning slowly…. Loved all the pics Amber is beautiful, tell her congrats for me and it was good to see Mark You look like you are enjoying one another, isn’t marriage amazing, I think quite often how thankful I am for my honey, God sure had a great plan when He designed this helpmate thing. God bless you and Mark and thanks for being a great example all thes years!!!


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