love bugs

What a good time Mom and I had on our little road trip to go see Jaxson (Amber and Jesse too of course), this week. The last time Mark and I traveled across the state we went through swarms of love bugs that sounded like rain on the windshield and made it almost impossible to see the road. So this time Mom and I went armed with a screen on the front grill of the car, rain-x for the windshield, Bug Gutz remover spray, paper towels, jug of water in case we had to stop along the way to wash them off, and a squeegee. And as things usually go, there were hardly any of those nasty love bugs this time! Maybe they remembered us from the last drive across the state. As the saying goes…


In life, sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield!

Okay, now on to the real reason for this post and a real love bug…

Picnik collage

Mom met the cutest little love bug…

her great-grandson, Jaxson Cole!


Priceless, isn’t it!

Words are not necessary.


He sure has grown since I saw him a week and a half ago.


This was the first time Mom had ever been to Amber and Jesse’s home.

We enjoyed a little shopping and a stroll around CityPlace,

enjoying the beautiful weather and each other.

Jaxson slept the whole time… good times!


All eyes were on Jaxson, more than the camera.


He is so loved!



We have indeed been biten by a love bug named, Jaxson. Can’t you tell.

 I had a little fun…


As a little girl, in Suriname, I played with real babies more than baby dolls, carrying the Indian babies around in a sling, made from their spun cotton.

I also used it when Amber and Veronica were just babes.


Jaxson cozied up in there and fell asleep… heaven!

Some things remain the same.

It was a short but delightful visit. We wished Auntie V could of been there…


so this photo is for you V…

your nephew Jaxson and his puppy blanket.


Until next time, little man. You are the best kind of love bug!

6 thoughts on “love bugs

  1. What wonderful photos and memories… I loved the picture of the 4 of you on the bench… priceless!!! He is a beautiful boy and Amber looks so content!! I know that your mom will treasure that visit for a long time!
    Oh… and that one of you holding Jaxson in the shawl should go in that grandmother frame that Ruth Betts got you : )


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