forgotten things

The past month has brought back many memories. Memories that I had forgotten. Things like what it was really like becoming a mom for the very first time. I had forgotten about those first few weeks. Forgotten the physical, emotional and mental stress. The lack of sleep, the bouncing, walking and rocking of a crying baby, holding my breath and gently laying a sleeping baby down, hoping and praying she would stay asleep. The thoughts and questions of what to do, am I doing it correctly, is everything ok?  What do I do with this precious gift from God, who is totally dependant on me for absolutely everything?! I had forgotten how life drastically changed. How all of a sudden, routine, habits, activities change. And how hard those beginning days of life with a newborn can be.

The hard things are not photographed for the photo album or seen in magazines or posted on blogs. Most of what you see in those places is a portrait of perfection. Sleeping content babies and parents that look like they just got off a plane from a month long stay at a health resort.

I had forgotten these things, until I watched my daughter walk through this time with such grace.

amber & jaxson collage

She has changed from my daughter, to Jaxson’s mom. From my little girl to a woman.  A woman of strength, grace, love, wisdom, and patience. I am amazed.

And one day when he is old enough, Jaxson will be too.

And in the blink of an eye, Amber will have forgotten things. Instead her heart, just like mine, will remember the many good gifts motherhood brings.

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