50 things

My husband is turning FIFTY this week.

Yep, the BIG FIVE O!!

 Thought I would share a few things about Mark…

things that I love about him.


1. He was born into a loving and strong Christian family

Mark's family

2. He has a good sense of humor

Mark DeJong

3. He is crazy about our kids

Mark and his kids 

4. He learned early the value of hard work

working in Africa

5. He’s quick to laugh

work team in the DR

6. He is a “glass half full” kind of guy

Mark DeJong

7. He’s always ready for an adventure


(yes, those are real cobras!)


8. He see challenges, not problems

Mark DeJong in Honduras

9. He refuses to settle for status-quo

soccer league

10. He is a man of strong character

Mark DeJong

11. He loves and respects his father.

Mark and his dad

12. He is loyal

Mark and Max

13. He’s a good listener and doesn’t try to “fix” me

Mark and Ruthi

14. He is quick to forgive

Mark in the DR

15. He is a great mentor

 jesse, mike, mark

16. He sees God in everything

Mark kayaking

17. He could of been a professional race car driver

Mark @ Sebring

or soccer player

Ben Lippen winter soccer team

18. He is, in a word… stable


19. He is disciplined

getting contractors license

20. He is a wonderful father

Amber's birth

Veronica's birth



21. He enjoys his son-in-laws

Mark and the boys

22. He sees the best in people and situations

Mark and Amber DeJong

23. He sacrifices for his family

girls grad from fsu

24. He believes in me

Mark and Ruthi

25. He is so very handsome

Mark DeJong


26. He has a servants heart

Mark DeJong in the DR

27. He went racing with God (you’ll have to ask him)


28. He is a talented and innovative builder

Mark DeJong

29. treating his employees, subs, and clients with respect and fairness

Mark DeJong and staff

30. He is intelligent

Mark DeJong

31. He always stands for what is right, regardless of popular opinion

Mark DeJong @ Promise Keepers, DC 

32. He uses great word pictures to share his insight and wisdom

lou's 50th bday

33. He appreciates his heritage

DeJong family in Africa

34. He loves history

Mark DeJong

35. He will eat anything anywhere


36. He lives life

Mark DeJong

37. He is committed

mark and ruth wedding

38. He is authentic… the real deal

Mark DeJong

39. He is excited about being a grandpa

Mark and Jaxson

40. He took dance lessons with me


41. He is a romantic

Mark and Ruth DeJong

42. He leads well

Mark and Caleb

43. He is centered in his relationship with Jesus Christ


44. He is unselfish

St Pete

45. He loves to travel


46. He loves and cares for my parents

47. He is an encourager

Mark and Veronica

48. He walks his talk

Mark and Blake

49. He is dependable, someone you can lean on

Mark and Nathan

50. He is the rock in our family

our family

I love you, Mark

Happy Birthday!

24 thoughts on “50 things

  1. Happy Early Bithday, Dad! Have fun in Montreal. I loved looking at all the pictures. Thanks mom, for putting that together.


  2. Ok that was truly touching Ruthi! What an amazing tribute and all of it true. You are blessed with an amazing hubby 🙂 Happy Birthday Mark!!!


  3. Awesome!!!! Each and every attribute very characteristic of who Mark is. You’ve captured him beautifully in words and pictures. You both are a blessing to ALL the lives you touch. Happy Birthday Mark!

    We love you,
    The 5 K’s.


  4. What fun to look back on 50 years of Mark’s life…. great job, Ruthi… and Happy, happy birthday, Mark!!! and to all that lies ahead!


  5. What a great tribute to Mark in picture & word! So very special..thank you for sharing!! You two are so special!
    Happy Birthday Mark!


  6. A great tribute – Provesrbs 20:6 “Most men will proclaim each his own goodness, but who can find a faithful man?”
    walk close!!!


  7. An amazing journey, now I have to find tissues in the house. Thanks for letting me to continue to be a part of your journey. I love you very much and of course Mark too!


  8. exactly the brother I knew,for many years!!Happy Birthday
    Beautiful couple in many ways!I thank GOD for you two!!


  9. That was awesome Ruthi, you are so talented, yet so truly blessed w/ a GREAT husband!! Happy 50th Birthday Mark welcome to the club!! Tim & Diana


  10. 51. He is a son-in-law who has become more like a son. We love, appreciate and respect you, Mark for the man you have become.

    Thank you for your commitment to your vows
    For loving and caring for our daughter,
    For nurturing with love our grandaughters,
    For mentoring your sons-in-law as a father,
    And for adoring your precious grandson!

    Thank you for your love, concern, compassion and care that you have demonstrated to your In-Laws!

    God richly bless you, Mom & Dad “Y” – Art & Evy


  11. Quite possibly the best birthday present I have ever seen. You both are an inspiration to many! I love you. Happy Birthday Uncle Mark


  12. Happy Birthday Mark.
    Some of these pictures bring back memories of B.L. you know the hair.. 🙂

    Wishing you best on your 50th. Have a great day with your family.
    Patty Franklin (Emhoff)


  13. Happy Belated 50th Birthday Mark! What precious memories you have given as we walk down memory lane with you. I’m such a proud papa I can hardly keep my cap on! Thanks for following in my steps in so many ways, but especially as a man of God, and for leading the way so your family can follow in your steps. May the Lord give you many more precious years to enjoy life and family. Thanks Ruthi for a wonderful tribute. It is awesome!


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