an eight week wonder

This past weekend, Mark and I went to visit our grandson, Jaxson and his parents too of course… who by the way, are doing great.  My oh my!, how Jaxson has grown since my last visit. At eight weeks, he is now, smiling, interacting, ready to roll over any day now and giving away so much love.

Aren’t babies amazing?! I am so glad God decided to bring a new life into the world through a baby not a full grown adult! And to all those who warned me… being a Nana is just about the best thing ever!

Besides loving on Jaxson,

we enjoyed some World Cup soccer…

I have a feeling with his dad, grandpa, and uncle all being soccer players, I think Jaxson will too.

one last picture and then I need to go unpack!

12 thoughts on “an eight week wonder

  1. Love that beautiful smile! I think he is going to be a real “thinker” with a serious side. It would be amazing to know what they are thinking! Love great-grandma Evy


  2. Beautiful, beautiful photos, Ruthi. Isn’t it just the most special time! I’ll soon be seeing Ella again for her fourth birthday…seems like yesterday…


  3. wonderful shots ..
    love all the expressions ..
    ever wonder how full ones’ heart can get ??
    special love
    from another nana ..


    1. Wow… what a gift you are giving Amber, Jesse and of course, Jaxson with these posts…. The pictures of your beautiful grandson and how well you put your thoughts into words is priceless. Such precious expressions on each one of your faces speaks volumes!!!!


      1. thanks Ann ~ it is important to me to remember God’s blessings in this life. That’s one of the reasons for this blog.


  4. Saw this quote on a greeting card or somewhere like that: “Babies are such a nice way to start people!” I agree with that thought! Jaxson sure is precious, and I think he looks a lot like his mama! It’s obvious you are thoroughly enjoying the experience!


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