regarding mike

Today is my son-in-law, Mike’s, birthday.

I thought this would be a good time to share a few things we love about him.

Mike has a great sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh

2010 pages (12x12) - Page 033

He is adventurous

2010 pages (12x12) - Page 026 

He is willing to lend a helping hand wherever needed

2010 pages (12x12) - Page 027

His cooking ability is something we all appreciate!

2010 pages (12x12) - Page 028

He adds a little friendly competition to the family

 2010 pages (12x12) - Page 029

He officiated at a friend’s wedding


He is a wonderful husband and friend to my daughter

2010 pages (12x12) - Page 030

He plays a mean guitar hero, is a pyromaniac, and will play games with his mother-in-law

2010 pages (12x12) - Page 031 

He visits Grandpa Yohner most every Sunday with Veronica

2010 pages (12x12) - Page 032

He’s got rhythm

 2010 pages (12x12) - Page 025

He and Veronica were baptized together by Mark

Reichmans baptism 

Mike has given a week each summer for the past 3 years, to be a counselor at a boys camp in Montana.

If I ever get some photos, I will be sure to share them.

2010 pages (12x12) - Page 034

Mike, thank you for being you… a giving, funny, loyal, committed, loving, helpful, faithful man.

You have given so much to our family, as well as others.

We love, respect, and appreciate you so very much.

May God fill your cup to overflowing this year.

Happy Birthday Mike!

5 thoughts on “regarding mike

  1. Happy birthday! As the photos tell the story you are a great human being and even better my son-in-law. Glad you are part of the “pack” and trust you have an awesome birthday.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKE! You are a super grand-son-in-law. We are so glad you are a part of our family. Thank you for your tenderness to Grandpa, your devotion to Veronica and your helpful hands to me. We pray that God will meet your every need and give you the desire of your heart this year.
    All our love to you, Grandma Evy and Grandpa Art


  3. Thank you Ruthie! I love you all and appreciate everything that you do. I cannot see my life without all of you in it 🙂

    P.S. Jesse your going to get it from this “little man”.


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