i just don’t get it

so today i was going to do a “wordless wednesday” post. you know one with no words just a pretty photo. but i have too many words today because i just don’t get people sometimes. or maybe it’s just a sign of the times.

i made the trek down US 41 to sarasota to do some shopping that has been on my to-do list for a long time. i was excited about “gettin ‘er done”. i make lists just to cross off items.

my first stop was at a store that i won’t name. but you might expect them to have pots in their barn… anyways.  i had lost the coupon from their catalog, so nicely asked the perky little lady behind the counter if they would still honor it. looking over her readers and down her nose at me, she said “no, we have to have the coupon”. to which i politely quickly said “fine, i will just order online then”.  i really wanted to talk to the manager and let her know that they just lost a decent size sale. i wanted to ask her if it would of made a difference had i been dressed in designer labels instead of Beall’s latest senior citizen day sale items. but my oh-so-wise husband told me later that would not have been the “best” thing to say. and i doubt whether the manager of the pots in the barn would of really cared anyways.

my next stop was the last camera store standing in our area. they were nice enough,  had short noses at least and seemed to want to help. but they multi-tasked while they told me, due to “corporate’s decision”, which they think is based on the almighty dollar (ya think?!) they no longer carry canon products. are you kidding me?! so once again i am forced to shop online or go to the mega elctronic store where the guy selling me a camera today sold you a pair of shoes last month.

on my way home i stop at the good ol’ home depot (i know i should be boycotting them, but because my brain was replaying my previous 2 hours of customer service failure, i missed the turn into lowes) to buy some spray paint to change my ironing board from seventies mauve to cherry red. and i must say, they get the best customer service of the day award. the guy made eye contact, knew his products, and actually had a sense of humor!

so what did i learn from this frustration? don’t multi-task when you are talking to a customer, treat people with respect because people are more important than things, keep a sense of humor, and just let it go. and on the positive side i only spent three bucks today! maybe my oh-so-wise husband will take me to dinner.

now i feel better. thanks

p.s. if you work at the barn with the pots or at the last camera store standing, i apologize if i have misjudged. i am sure there is another side to this coin.

6 thoughts on “i just don’t get it

  1. Welcome to today’s world! At my age I’m finally learning to order on line. At least I
    get what I want and the option to return it without any questions (or sass) if I so
    desire. Don’t know why these companies have not learned that “customer service
    still rules” and us seniors should be well treated as we are the only ones with any
    real spending money. Thanks for brightening my day; I like to follow your writings as
    you’re such a wonderful combination of your folks. God bless!


  2. very funny .. well written :} I talk to your oh-so-wise husband and let the knuckle head know about your dinner plans… or should I say his for you.


    1. haha good one Mark! sorry Ruthie…i am glad you got something today that you needed and a nice dinner out..!!


  3. Okay Ruthi –
    I have to say that I agree with your frustrations at the lack of customer service and the overall poor attitude and lack of knowledge of most of the folks I encounter in retail. Is it any wonder the stores are resorting to online sales when these are the people representing their products to the public?

    Secondly I am secretly delighted to see that you – this person I see as so “pulled together” in all the right ways – is perfectly capable of becoming frustrated/annoyed by things like this… and it doesn’t change the fact that you are still such a pulled together great example of a human being.

    But lastly – I do have to take offense at your use of the term “senior”… since you are only 11 years older then me! I’m not ready to seat myself in that ballpark!

    Love ya!
    p.s. – best thing for the ironing board would have been to throw it away. Who even uses those things anymore!


  4. I loved your blog, I laughed out loud and had to read it to Dean. I still wear my flip flops that I purchased at Beal’s! Feeling a little self concious after the cashier gave me a “senior” discount without even asking me my age, I realized that my “savings” paid for my flip flops. It brings a smile to my face. We gotta keep looking at the bright side of this “getting older” process.
    And, yes, taking the time to compliment or thank someone for their service will make a difference, wether it’s their day or ours. Keep up the great writing.
    love ya,


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