encourage someone

after yesterday’s post, my oh-so-wise husband did take me to dinner. (it worked! wink wink). we went back down to sarasota, because they do have the best resturaunts in the area. we went to Jolly, a hip little italian place connected to Epicure Cafe. Maybe it was the frustration of the day and there wasn’t far to go up, but our dining experience was heavenly. Our food was not only delicious but beautifully presented. Jessica, our waitress had just the right combination of customer service… always one step ahead of what we needed, but not in our business, and always with a smile. Mark, being the oh-s0-wise husband, made a point to thank her and also let the manager know that he had a great employee. So another thing to remember from my frustrating day… when you do find someone who goes the extra mile, smiles, and does a good job, tell them! you will encourage them to keep it up and who knows maybe we will turn the tide.

and Kelly, regarding your comment about “senior citizens”. i did cringe when i wrote that, thinking it can’t be true. but Bealls gives a senior discount to middle aged mature people… you only have to be fifty! I’m taking it! And as far as the ironing board goes… that’s a whole other day and story. I did buy a new ironing board, got it home, set it up and it was a $40 piece of junk. so not only has customer service gone down the drain, but so has quality control. don’t get me started!! and finally, i am relieved you now know i am not so “pulled together”.

encourage someone today!

One thought on “encourage someone

  1. I have not read yesterday’s post, but today’s words are for TODAY!! Thank you for posting them… what does it say in God’s Word?… “a cool cup of water”. Yes, that should be our aim every day… you are an encouragement to me, Ruthi :0

    Jolly is Gary and mine’s “go-to” restaurant in Sarasota. We frequent it quite often. If you and Mark get a hankering to go and want some company just holler.


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