yesterday started out like most mondays… crazy! over the weekend mom realized that dad’s custom wheelchair cushion was “mia”. found myself getting impatient annoyed when we couldn’t get answers to where it was and why it was missing.  on my 3rd trip downtown, i remembered (slow learner) that God tells me to be anxious for nothing, but instead to take my worries and concerns to him. so i did and miracles of all miralces, the cushion had been found. Still a mystery as to who, what, when, and where… but we will choose not to worry about that,  instead we will thank God that he delights to answers prayers… even for a lost wheelchair cushion. i also appreciate those in charge who took responsibility (a rarity these days) and worked hard to find it. now on to the rest of the week…

4 thoughts on “monday

  1. My annoyance started Sunday afternoon! I reported my discovery of the missing cushion — “it would be addressed the first thing Monday morning.”

    I lay my head down to sleep. I puzzeled and pondered about the missing cushion. How could this happen? Why would a personalized chair cushion be removed and replaced with another? Who could have taken it? Where is it? Is someone else using it?

    I had to get up from bed and wrote all of these questions down so I could get some sleep. I was going to go first thing in the morning armed with my barrage of questions to get some answers! I had prayed, Lord, help me to be firm with a touch of tenderness and understanding when I go tomarrow.

    Ruthi, you have a calming effect. Thanks for being there with me. We voiced our frustration. Immediate action was taken to find that which was lost. The answers to all my questions don’t seem that important now that the LOST has been FOUND.

    Jesus gave those beautiful parables of that which was lost in Luke 15. The lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost beloved son — LOST but FOUND followed by REJOICING! No blame, no interrogation, no penalty — Just rejoicing, thankfulness and forgiveness. What a beautiful picture of the rejoicing in Heaven over every lost soul who is found to believe in Jesus.

    Any follow up judgement to the misplaced cushion is in the hands of the “powers that be” but as for me — It was a test of patience (did I pass?), a learning experience that ultimately brought praise for answered prayer and appreciation for those who took responsibility to find that which was lost.


  2. Isn’t it amazing how God uses (seemingly little things), to teach us giganic truths? Thank you for sharing Evy. Your friend, Ruth Betts


  3. Time and time again God answers prayer! Like stopping the rain right before feeding the homeless on Christmas morning….and so many more! Oh, that we remember that when we need Him most….how He blesses us!


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