jaxson {three months}

JAXSON, you amaze your Papa and me! You have changed so much since the last time we played with you.  And what a little personality you have. I wondering if being told you are “so cute” a million times a day will go to your head?

You certainly have lots of personality and at three months, you are a happy and content little boy. And oh yes, such a handsome one too.

We enjoyed staying at the Mango Inn in Lake Worth, not too far from your house. And our afternoon lunch and walk through Delray Beach was a delight. You were so good, napping in your stroller.

Do you think your Papa is proud of you?

And I for one could sit and play with you all day!

Our hearts are full after a weekend with you and your amazing parents.

4 thoughts on “jaxson {three months}

  1. That Jaxon is the cutest thing ever!!! I wish I could give hime a little “love pinch” through my computer screen.


  2. How can they get any cuter? I was tlaking to Ella while I was up in Virginia. She said to me, “Sometimes my mommy and daddy call me cutie-pie.” I’m so glad to you can see Jaxson often and see him grow and develop. I’m grateful for the opportunity to see Ella as often as I do too.


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