be a mirror

When I was entering my “year of jubilee”, my close friends gave me a gift that I will always treasure. They went around the table and shared something  they appreciated about me. The attention was a bit uncomfortable. I found myself shaking my head and silently saying, “really?!”     But their words formed a mirror… something I pull out every now and then, because we rarely see ourselves the way others see us. When the enemy throws accusations and ugliness in my face, I will often look into that mirror. The mirror may be cracked and smudged, but if I look closely I see who I really am… a chosen, redeemed, secure and deeply loved daughter of the King. And those smudges… they are God’s fingerprints.

So here’s the challenge… be a mirror! Don’t wait until someone’s funeral to express to them how they have touched your life. Every human on this planet needs a word of encouragement. Even that young boy behind the counter who has more hormones than brain cells. And that grouchy old man, may just need kindness given in a smile.

9 thoughts on “be a mirror

  1. I was so amazingly grateful to be a part of your “jubilee year”. You are such an amazing woman (I know, it’s hard to believe). I respect, admire and love you.


  2. We all need that kind of mirror. Mark, you must be mistaken. You are still a young man in our eyes. We got a good laugh. Love you both. Dad and Mom De Jong


  3. I’ve been on your email list for possibly a month and I’m continually amazed at your insight and thoughts. For being such a quite and reserved young lady you have much wisdom. The Lord continue to bless you and your blog site to touch others as you have touched me.
    Thank you Ruthi,


  4. Your wisdom is always so timely and amazing, Ruthi. I have been so blessed by your blog, friendship and unconditional love. How refreshing to have the concept of looking into the “mirror” presented in the positive light of God’s love.
    Love you,


  5. You are so right! The beautiful thing about uplifting comments and
    encouragement of others is that it comes back to you and the joy you
    receive only God can give.


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