2 thoughts on “need wisdom?

  1. what a perfect way to begin a tuesday ..
    WISDOM .. ASK .. GIVE .. FAITH ..
    will be caring this verse with me today ..
    to be continued …


  2. This is the second time in 2 days that this James passage on wisdom has
    been presented to me…we are studying James in our SS class…so I know God
    is pressing this upon me as I am facing a 4th knee surgery in 4 yrs. as the
    knee plant is failing and given me a stress fracture of the tibia. I have an
    appt. with a(nother) new dr. on Oct. 13 and having to get all records from
    former surgeons to him. It has all be such a nightmare and I’m presently
    in a brace and using a walker so I need wisdom from God to know this is the
    right dr. for me and that the procedure he uses will allow me to walk again
    without aid. Thank you for allowing God to use you as his pathway to me.


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