hello from the DR

I really wasn’t expecting to be able to have the time or internet connect to write here, but here I am.

We arrived safely and whizzed through customs on Saturday night. Yesterday we spent the morning sorting through meds, beanie babies, clothing, etc. It was quite something to see it all unfold. In the afternoon we enjoyed lunch as a group at a nice resturaunt on the side of the mountain, visited a museum and then attended church in Santiago. Nothing like heartfelt worship in a latin church… love it!

This morning at 7:30 our team of 25 headed back to Santiago to hold our first day of clinics… everyone except Mark and I. We think Mark got food poisoning the night before we left home and the short of it is that he is not feeling better, in fact he is pretty weak and in bed. I stayed back at the camp to be with him. If you are going to be sick in a foreign country it’s nice to be traveling with doctors and nurses. The doctors took good care of him and the team prayed for him this morning before they left and we are asking God to restore his health. Mark met with the elders of the Santiago church yesterday afternoon and they were planning to undertake a project this week with Mark that would have taken a miracle to complete in a week’s time.  But like I said in my last post, we make our plans on these trips, but God usually changes them. We are trying to be okay with that and at the same time realize that the enemy does not want God’s work to be accomplished… so we are praying against any thing that is not in God’s plan and resting in the fact that God is stronger than anything the enemy tries to do.

Will you pray with us…

  • for Mark’s health to be restored quickly
  • for God’s plans to be accomplished in and through us
  • for me to rest, be stil, and hear what it is God wants me to hear today
  • for the team to have an amazing day as they minister in Santiago
  • for a good sleep at night… I haven’t slept for 2 nights… there is constant noise… dogs barking, roosters we don’t wait until dawn to crow, bar fights, motorbikes, honking horns, latin music
  • for the health and safety of the rest of the team

Thank you so much. I will try to update again.

5 thoughts on “hello from the DR

  1. Praying for you and Mark…Ruthi…praying against the enemy ….praying for Mark’s healing…and that Jesus plan would not be thwarted…and that His warrior angels would protect both of you…you are there on a mission..!


  2. so greatful to find this as i was praying for you this a.m. ..
    i remember denny talking about the overwhelming noise ..
    just like you have discribed ..
    may the Lord cause your ears NOT to hear just as he caused other
    ears TO hear ..
    praying that the process that mark needs to go through to get well ..
    happens quickly ..
    also praying that your eyes are keen to see what the Lord chooses ..
    wrapping you in love and prayers ..
    your sister ~~jackie


  3. Am praying for all of you. Lack of sleep is a real bummer; I know first hand
    as I had three straight nights this past week. I pray Mark will soon be well
    and up to whatever God has planned for him this week.


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