DR mission trip, part 1

It did feel good to take a hot shower and sleep soundly in our own bed last night. Although in a strange way I miss the background noise of dogs, roosters, car horns, and loud music.

I miss it because it means I am not in the Republica Dominicana. As many times as I have been there, I feel melancholy when I enter back into, as Alex said on the flight home, “our sped up mess of reality” back here in the USA. Life in the Dominican Republic is hard for most who live there, but at the same time refreshingly simple. Life here is easy compared to what we just lived, but it is oh so complicated. I am already fighting the pull to jump back into the fast paced craziness we call life here. For just awhile longer I want to recall what God did last week… He showed up in such a big way!

Mark and I felt priviledged to be with these 26+ people for a week.

Every person in the group has a story of God’s amazing grace.

When we left home last Saturday afternoon, Mark had been through a night of dealing with food poisoning. He managed to press on and on Sunday afternoon he met with the elders of the Santiago church to discuss their church building project.

They are in the process of rebuilding (due to termite damage) and while rebuilding they have been meeting in another church. They were told that they needed to be out of that church in two weeks. So after much discussion, they came up with a plan that would allow them to move back to their own buidling, even though it is not completed. Mark would tackle building a roof. Sunday evening he told me about their game-plan and said it would be a miracle if they could accomplish what they needeed to. After a miserable night Sunday night, it was evident that Mark was not getting better and was actually getting worse. Thanks to the care of our team of doctors, they had the meds he needed and Mark stayed in bed all day Monday. Tuesday morning, he headed to work on the project with Zack.

The first day was spent collecting tools and materials, which took five people all day. Something that would have taken one person a couple hours here.  

They worked long hard days and it was truly a miracle, not only that Mark had the strength to work hard, but that they accomplished more, yes more, than they set out to. God heard our prayers and is in the business of miracles.

There is much more to share with you. But I will have to do it a little at a time. Thank you so much for your prayers. God listened and answered them!

6 thoughts on “DR mission trip, part 1

  1. Ruthi, I am so happy to have been a part of this week. The thoughts you have expressed so far have been my thoughts, but you can say them in such a beautiful way. Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog. I will also share my writings with the team after I get them from my journal to word processer.


  2. Ruthie,

    Thanks for sharing part of the week we didn’t get to see or hear as much about. God truly takes care of all the details and works out everything! He is so faithful! Looking forward to hearing the rest….thanks for sharing.


  3. Absolutely the power of God are no ending,its extendable its a fact and must not deny.I am so happy about what you did because by this doing its a kind of service and sacrifice by the grace of God.I smiled when i knew a person like you that has a devotion to our creator,”PRAISE GOD AMEN ALLELUYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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