playing catch-up


Christmas is put away, the house is reasonably clean and my tinsel has untangled. Made myself notes to remember what not to do next Christmas and a reminder of how easy it is to get priorities all out of whack. The only remnant that remains is that pretty poinsietta.
Sat for three hours yesterday at the car dealership, where I had taken Mom’s car in for an oil change and a “minor” repair. Spent most of the time observing the other humans who were sharing my space. Here’s what I observed… people really have no clue about cell phone etiquette. Why would anyone NOT turn off the sound for their keypad? Do you know how annoying it is to have someone next to you texting and hearing the click-click-click of her keypad for hours! I could tell you about the problems and families of several people who I don’t even know… talking away on their phones like no one else was in the room! Not only are we attached at the hip to out cell phones, we also love to fill our bodies with food that makes us unhealthy… one guy had at least a half-dozen of the free donuts and pints of coffee!  All of this is really unimportant, but it was an interesting study in people and made my three hours pass quickly.
Mom and I have planted a garden at her house. We had to cover the garden again this morning for the third time this season due to freezing temperatures. But it sure is worth it as we enjoy our harvest of spinach, romaine, kale, and radishes and doing it together makes it enjoyable. Will tell you more about it later and post some photos.

My husband has been working on my Christmas gift for the past two weeks. Wait till you see it! It definitely has his name all over it… a beautiful custom porch swing.
I haven’t shared too much about Dad lately. Not for any reason other than there isn’t much to share that is new. But he has lost 11 lbs. in the past month, going through long stretches where he sleeps a lot and eats very little. Then he will have a few days where he is more awake and eats more. The roller coaster can be unsettling at times, so we do our best to take one day at a time and center ourselves in the promise that God is faithful to His promises. Sunday, when we went to visit with Dad as a family, he greeted me with “who ‘dat” and a smile.

For those of you who like a good book suggestion, Mark and I are currently reading Spiritually Rhythm, by Mark Buchanan, one of Mark’s favorite writers and we are really enjoying it. I also decided to give a shot at reading the Bible through this year and am using The Bible in a Year for Women in the New Living Translation. I am surprised at how much I am enjoying it. So far I haven’t missed a day!

photo by Daniel Perales

This past weekend 300+ friends and family, celebrated the life of Lou Komarov, who went to be with the Lord three days before Christmas. It was exactly what he would have wanted… worship, sharing of memories, and most importantly the telling of the hope that Jesus gives. And that Hope shined brightly in his beautiful wife and three handsome sons.
Remember this… flaming bush

well it’s dropped all it’s leaves

and now looks like this

See we do have winter in Florida!


And look how BIG Jaxson is getting.
His Mama says this is how he likes to sit when he plays with his toys.
I miss him so much!
Don’t be surprised if  this blog looks different each time you visit. I am trying to find “the look” that fits. Thanks for your understanding.
January is a month of remembering and of looking forward. I don’t do resolutions, but I do look at the good and the bad of 2010, seeing where I can change, grow, or  improve. I write it out, asking God for his inspiration. Then I leave it with Him. I also ask God to give me one word for the year to help me focus on what He is wanting to teach me. Hoping to spend some time listening over the next few days.

encourage each other and be blessed!

Isaiah 26:12 ~ Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.

5 thoughts on “playing catch-up

  1. Wow! Well spoken and great photograpy, of course now I have to get the swing completed and soon :], besides you think the swing is beautiful just wait until you see who sits in it ……. I mean myself and other of course. Love ya


  2. Thanks for the news of you mom and dad. Sorry to hear about his days but that seems to be the course with illness.
    Delighted to hear about your mom’s garden; I’m sure you both enjoy doing that together. There’s nothing liking working
    with your mom; it pays great dividends. I just got invited to come upstairs tonight for pizza and my daughter makes the
    very best with from scratch crust and some sauteed veggies to go on top…yum!!! I, too, am reading through the Bible
    again this year (try to do it every other year) and am using a chronilogical Bible which I really enjoy. Some times I have
    a hard time putting it down and getting ahead of myself but that’s okay, too.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR – may God richly bless you as you follow Him each day.


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