one thousand gifts

Who knew that a simple brown box sitting on my doorstep would bring such joy. I rushed to open it and there it was…

I set it in a spot where I could catch glimpses of it throughout my day… anticipating the moment I would be able to sit and visit awhile, to cease the craziness and breath in. Finally I sat in the quiet, on my porch swing and opened its pages. What a breath of fresh air… what a gift… this book filled with Ann’s words“a dare to live fully right where we are… but God asks us not to read or write words, but become them… the words that matter most are the ones we live… and what ranks the highest is how we write our lives.”

And so begins my one thousand gifts of His grace.

#1|1000 Thank you God for the gift of your grace expressed through Ann’s words, for blessing her with the gift of writing so beautifully and sharing it so freely with us.

Would love to have company. Go here to get your copy. It is already a bestseller! Then if you’d like to read it with others, come join us over here.

3 thoughts on “one thousand gifts

  1. Ann sure does have a way with words..just like you. So enjoyed the book on the first read and have gone back to grasp more and I’m sure I will over and over. It’s amazing how your eyes can be open and not see…and then you begin the journey of seeing. I wish you gifts of love each day.


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