nine months!

Dear Jaxson,
At nine months old, you are a VERY happy and content little boy!

And what joy you bring your Papa and me.

We had such a good time with you and your parents last weekend.
You are growing up so fast… crawling, standing and learning new things everyday.

You LOVE cheerios and yogurt.

Your mama created your very own play corner, filled with books and toys.

She loves being your mama… reading to you and making sure you have lots of playtime.

You are observant and everything is a discovery for you… touching, feeling, hearing.

The Johnny Jump-up is one of your favorite things! You just go and go!

You are such a good boy that we were able to go out to a white tablecloth type of place.
You were perfect… of course!

Look how handsome you are in your blue polo shirt!

The weekend was too short,
but we are so thankful for the gift of spending time with you and your parents.

I love you Jaxson Cole,
Nana xoxox

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