For the past 4 days there has been a lot of activity around our house. We have had two large trees removed. One was the hickory tree, remember the story of the nuts here? Well, between the mess and the close proximity of it to three house, we decided to have it removed. Hoping it will give us some breathing room around our house. We hired someone to do the job since it’s location prohibited heavy equipment and the only way to get it down was to climb it. I was gone for the day so did not get to see how this was done. I am sure it would have been fun to watch. But over the weekend, Mark turned lumberjack and cut down a dying water oak. Living in a hurricane zone makes one think about trees falling. So here’s some photos…

We have one huge live oak on our property and one on the next door neighbors. They are full of spanish moss. Mark de-mossed and trimmed up this tree.

Here’s Max, “King of the moss”

and Matty, our young friend, on his Moss Mountain

By the time I was around, the water oak was de-limbed.

it was amazing to watch Mark work…

is there anything he can’t do?!

This is why we decided to take this tree down…

rotted in the center from the top to the bottom.

Mark could not have done it without the help of Pete

and Mike.

Mark took the time to give rides up in the lift. Life looks different from forty feet up!

We got above the tree line and could see Regatta Point Marina across the river, but for some reason I could not pry my hands off the rail to take a photo.

firewood anyone?

notice dirt ring around base of oak tree. no we do not have a horse, just a dog who runs like one.

while Mark was de-mossing the live oak, he found this baby squirrel and took me up for a look.

He was the cutest thing… completely comfortable with us and all the noise. He would roll over, scratch, and snuggle down in the leaves.

Here’s our house from above

So glad this project is over and very thankful for God’s protection… there were no injuries to people or things, just a need for some Advil and epsom salt soaks.

The neighborhood all had their opinion about taking this tree down. Some understood once they realized the danger it posed, but some seemed more concerned for the birds and squirrels than people. But all our neighbors were patient and understanding in putting up with four days of heavy equipment and chainsaw noise. I think we should throw a party as a thank you.

While writing this post just now, I decided I wanted to take a photo of our trash pile

and look what I saw!

Amazing isn’t it! I know he will miss that old tree, but there are plenty of others for him to relocate to.

Have a good day!

6 thoughts on “lumberjacks

  1. oh my oh my ..
    what a huge job ..
    but so rewarding ..
    love the arial shot of the house !!!
    .. and then it was monday .. =)
    peace out .. jackie


  2. Wonderful story and beautiful pictures. Any one seeing the hollow core should know it
    needed to come down. Where has common sense gone? Thanks for sharing this
    four day adventure and bravo to Mark for his courage and know-how.


  3. I know what you will be scrapbooking LOL. Amazing pictures. I agree with Barb…one look and anyone should know that it needed to come down for safety reasons.


  4. Loved the pictures Ruthi! I find myself looking back over big home projects & wondering why I didn’t document the progress like you just did! I loved the pictures of the squirrel & woodpecker. Lucky that Mark & the other guys are so talented to do this work! Up here in Maryland the tree trimmers are having a good early spring thanks to the heavy late winter snows & high wind storms we have been having. I’m always thankful we picked this house, with a backyard full of lovely tall, tall trees on a lot that the wind blows them towards the woods if they fall! Hope you gave Mark the day off on Monday to recuperate! 🙂


  5. 🙂 Loved reading about your adventure. Neat to see a tangible example of how when we allow ourselves to rise above our everyday routine/visual, how the exact same setting, can look totally different. Definitely a good reason to trust God and his vantage point vs. our own. 🙂 ~ And the woodpecker ~ I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere for me as well. 😉

    Awesome job guys! ❤


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