happy day!

Dear Veronica,
I love celebrating you!

In my eyes you are just amazing…
beautiful, loving, and kind.

You are discerning, strong and patient.
You bring such joy to this mother’s heart!

Happy Birthday Veronica!
May God bless you to overflowing today and always.
I love you so,

6 thoughts on “happy day!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VERONICA! May this be the happiest and most joyful year yet! We love you too and can echo your Mom’s words. You are a JOY! Love Grandma & Grandpa Y


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERONICA! May the Lord give you that desires of your heart and give you the happiest year yet. We echo your Mom’s words, you are a JOY. Have a happy day and a wonderful year! We love you, Grandma and Grandpa Y


  3. We enjoy seeing these beautiful pictures, reading the heart expressions and believe that you have had a blessed birthday, Veronica and that you Ruthi, have had a very special day also. This is next best to being there! It won’t be long.


  4. We enjoy seeing these pictures and reading the expressions of the heart. We believe that you have had a blessed birthday celebration. This was next best to being there. It won’t be long! With love, Grandpa and Grandma De Jong


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