March Madness, part 1

Honestly, WHERE do the days go? 

I have alot of catching up to do here on this blog!

Let’s see…

March 1st was Veronica’s birthday…

we celebrated in style with lots of love and laughter ~ as it should be on a 29th birthday!

Jaxson and his beautiful Mama came to town for the occasion

and it was a delight waking up to this each morning 

Jaxson got to visit with Great Grandpa Yohner 

and Great Grandma Yohner, in her garden

and got to taste his first sugar snap pea straight off the vine…

We spent some quiet time outside enjoying the beautiful weather…

I just can’t believe Jaxson is ten months already… almost eleven!

He is..






all boy

and we love him so!

whew! that was just the first week of March.
more to come…

15 thoughts on “March Madness, part 1

  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and lovely story. How time does fly; can hardly believe
    Jaxson is almost a year old. Loved the pictures of your mom and her garden. After almost
    5 yrs. of pain, I had my 4th knee operation 7 wks. ago and another new knee implant. This
    one is working beautifully so I went shopping yesterday for some new pots. Will get potting
    soil today and have promised my 7 1/2 yr. old granddaughter that we will go shopping for some
    plants this week. We are excited to be outside again and I want to teach her how to grow
    flowers. Her dad is teaching her about a veggie garden. Thanks for starting my day so


    1. Barb ~ so happy that your surgery went well and that you are able to get out and about with your granddaughter. You are making wonderful memories for her.


  2. oh all the photo’s are JUST beautiful …
    thanks for sharing ..
    can’t wait to see what the second week of march holds !!
    special love .. jackie


  3. I loved having Jaxson visit Nana’s and Great-Grandma’s Experimental Garden. We may make a farmer out of him before he knows it! Keep on growing seeds for the soil and seeds for the soul, growing in the spirit makes for good fruit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-controll are all a sweet and delicious harvest.
    Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma Y


    1. Mom, I have a photo of you and Amber and Veronica in the very came garden when they were toddlers. Maybe I will have to dig that one out. Thanks for being such a great Mom, Grandma and Great-gramma!


  4. Awesome pictures. I miss Flordia. IT was so much fun to come and stay with u. Im glad u are having fun being a grandma! Jaxson is so adorable. I love love all the cool pictures, u might have to teach me a thing or two. THanks for sharing.


  5. Ruthi —

    Loved the beautiful photos and update! It is wonderful that you are able to keep in touch with so many this way. You are certainly using your gifts and talents for his glory!. Yea for that new pt job at the cute cafe!

    I, too, have sweet memories of visiting Aunt Evy’s garden! We continue to pray for Uncle Art and Aunt Evy.

    Sharing in your joy for all of His goodness!

    For us, this Sunday will be the 6th anniversary of Grace Linnea’s “Gotcha Day”! How time has flown and we are so thankful for the wonderful journey it has been! I

    With love,


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