March Madness, part 2

The second weekend of March, Dad and Sylvia DeJong came for a visit.

We always enjoy our time with them and it was good to see them both feeling well, after a season of health issues.

They had a nice visit with Mom and Dad

and with Mike and Veronica.

Jesse, Amber and Jaxson were not able to come over because they were busy celebrating Jesse’s birthday and their anniversary. So Dad and Sylvia drove over to West Palm and met Jaxson for the very first time! Amber sent me this great collage of Jaxson and his Opa and Oma DeJong

How great is that!? Did you guys plan to coordinate? Too cute and what great memories! Wish we could of been there.

Well now we have the first two weeks of March recorded…
still more to come!

5 thoughts on “March Madness, part 2

  1. Wow, Mark sure looks like his dad! 🙂 What a great visit captured on “film”! the pics of Jaxon with them are soooo good! I love the collage! Precious!! That collage is frame worthy!


    1. Yes, Mark and his Dad have similar characteristics… both physical and personaility wise. Thanks for stopping by!


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