Image of the Maker

I have returned from a weekend I pray I never forget.

But sitting here staring at the screen, I wonder how to express, how to put into words so that you can see a glimpse of what God gave us… the 75 women who gathered in the woods of North Carolina.

It was just twenty-four hours, but oh how sweet to spend those 1,440 minutes with Nicole Witt, Crista Wells and Ann Voskamp!

Maybe because it has been many years since I have participated in a retreat. Or maybe it was because it was so needed that God orchestrated and gave me such a gift. He met us there, there in that room,

there by the lake,

around dining tables,

in rocking chairs on porches, in voices offered up in worship. He talked to us through the words of a woman after His own heart.

He broke down our walls, using the music of two gifted singer songwriters.

He ministered healing through the acceptance and safety of others. He took our brokeness and made us whole and showed us the strength he gives as we unite our brokeness.

He showed up through hugs, tears and laughter.

He gave us the gift of new friends, who will become lifelong ones.

So I will ponder, process, reflect on the things I have been given, the lessons taught, the wisdom shared, the grace. And I will come back and share with you.

As a beautiful and gifted new friend so perfectly said…

In the meantime I am longing to live the giftedness for the glory of the Giver.

4 thoughts on “Image of the Maker

  1. You did it..shared with picture, word and heart. The pictures help to show us part of what you recieved there in the woods with those precious women seeking God. The words explain the pictures so we read what God was showing you and those precious women seeking God. And your heart, though you show us a brokeness is shining whole as you, precious woman seek God. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of Jesus through you. I love you! Sharon


  2. Ruthie!! How lovely to find you!! I wish we could have spent more time together….didn’t that 24 hours fly crazily by?!?! Your photos and words are gorgeous….thanks for this gift.


  3. Ruthie,

    I loved this post! You express yourself so beautifully and the pictures are just great! I almost cried when I saw the picture of the two of us!! So sweet. Thank you!!! With love!


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