the country life

After I spent 24 hours at the Image of the Maker retreat, enjoying woods filled with tall trees, southern hospitality, new friends and so much grace, I was sad to see it end and say good-bye to some amazing women, but God was not finished giving me His gifts.

I drove north past medians filled with orange day lilies, then down winding country roads, past vegetable gardens and horse farms, abandoned barns and fresh mown fields, to the lovely country home of a longtime friend, Sharon and her husband Charles. I so enjoyed their little piece of heaven… seventeen acres with chickens, gardens, flowers, LOTS of hummingbirds (like dozens), strawberry cobbler and rocking chairs on the porch. We picked blueberries, took a drive around the mountain, but mostly we sat and talked and listened and caught up on the last 20 years. Such a gift!

The perfect solution to keeping squirrels from robbing the bird feeders… hub caps. Ingenious!

Even if I didn’t like blueberries, I think the bush is beautiful. Mom, we need to plant some!

I LOVE this arbor Charles and Sharon made from two old doors!

Do you see the tiny hummingbird sitting on top of this vine on the right? It’s a male and he had a little red around his neck. They were so fast I had a difficult time getting any good photos, but I love this one.

Thank you Charles and Sharon for your love and warm hospitality!

Counting my gifts!

2 thoughts on “the country life

  1. How sweet of you..kind words to an old heart. You were a blessing to us both and we enjoyed having you here even if the hours were short. The smile in my heart for our time together will be long and deep. You are an amazing woman of God..seeking Him daily and showing everyone that sees you who Jesus really is. And don’t forget you are welcome anytime. Love you!


  2. Hi Ruthi and Sharon,
    So good to see you again, Sharon ,and visit your lovely home! It has been way too long. Do you have any reason to come back to FL? If you can leave that beautiful place, come on down to see us.

    Ruthi, I dearly love God’s marvelous creation and how you capture it with your camera so we can enjoy a part of your trip too. So glad you had a refreshing trip!
    Love you, Mom


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