max & stella

While Mike and Veronica are enjoying a vacation out in the wide open spaces of Montana, Stella is staying with us. Let’s just say Max is in heaven!

{forgot to give credit where credit is due on the slideshow and don’t want to get in trouble so… Music is Island in the Sun by Weezer.}

5 thoughts on “max & stella

  1. hmmmm … did you do all that house cleaning because stella was coming for a visit ??
    i’m just a sayin’ =)
    love the slides and video .. your becoming such an accomplished blogger .. “whatever” has
    nothing on you my sister/friend … tuesday is a comin’ .. yippee !!


  2. Max was so cute…he looked like he was just teasing Stella with the toy and saying, go ahead try to get it…go ahead I dare you! LOL


  3. Jackie ~ I hear ya! I thought about waiting but that would be anther week and it REALLY needed it. thanks for your kind words. see ya Tuesday!!

    Beth ~ that is EXACTLY what Max was saying!! 🙂


  4. Soooo cute, those two!!!!

    Loved your snapshots also… the yellow flower is my fav! ;o) You have such a “good eye”!


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