broken art

It’s been three weeks now since that wonderful weekend retreat. What we heard, what was shared heart to heart, continues to invade my thoughts everyday. Yet for some reason I haven’t jumped right in to write about it. Maybe part of the hesitation is that others have done it so well.

Aimee wrote this great post and Missy also put it into words so beautifully.

The retreat was for “women who make, with paint and cameras and music and words, with books and babies and textiles and food and all things everyday, uncommon beauty”. We shared 24 hours together as sisters, encouraging each other, singing truth, reflecting on what it means to follow our Creator God into a creative life.

Here’s a few of my scattered notes…

We are all made in the image of the Maker, who is creative. He is the Master Artist. Just look around his beautifully Art Gallery called the World. That makes us all creative.

Creative does not necessarily mean crafty or artsy. Some create homes, families, memories, opportunities for others, ministries, disciples. We are culture-makers.

All of our life is art, God’s art. It’s how I choose to frame my life that makes it beautiful and glorifying to my Creator.

Am I stewarding well the gifts God has given me?

Is my broken-ness hindering me from using those gifts?

When I don’t embrace my gifted-ness, am I not rejecting the Giver of the gift?

Applause is never my responsibility. Applause is never about me or for me, only Him. Mine is only to take a deep breath, enjoy his gifts and applaud Him while I do what He made me to do: Make. Create.

Making art isn’t first about having something to give, but simply being willing to receive the gift. And then be willing to give the gift He gives us back to the world.

I want to actively look and see His gifts everyday, breathing in His glory, that I may make gifts for His glory.

In what areas of my life am I broken? How might that broken-ness minister to others? How might I make art out of the strands of my life as a gift to others?

We are barren and broken and God graces us with His gifts. He calls us to give back the grace he so freely gives us. Whether in thanks-giving or in thanks-living, God gifts us so that can become the gift to the world.

The Fabulous Crista, Nicole and Ann wrote an amazing song for our time together in the woods. I still find it beautifully moving.

How are you using your gifted-ness?

Words and Music: Image of God by Ann Voskamp, Crista Wells, Nicole Witt

8 thoughts on “broken art

  1. Loved reading your thoughts, Ruthi. In some ways, the retreat seems like just yesterday, and in other ways, it seems like months ago. What I learned has impacted my life in many ways. Indeed, we experienced the love of God, together! Eucharisteo!


    1. thanks so much Linda ~ I have a feeling we will be recalling the things we learned together for a long time to come. blessings to you!


  2. Ruthi,
    Thanks so much for sharing your notes. It always fascinates me to hear what other people learn and take away from a talk or a sermon that I have heard as well. I just love this line you wrote:

    “Making art isn’t first about having something to give, but simply being willing to receive the gift. And then be willing to give the gift He gives us back to the world.”

    I need to look harder at what I’ve been given. Thanks for the reminder!

    And one more thing, I have loved your videos this week! I think you and God make a great team!

    Love you,


    1. thank you Trish! It seems I have to remind myself every day. So thankful I met you. Will be in touch soon.


  3. I found my retreat notes yesterday and want to take more time to sit and ponder them…I went to a Homeschool Convention the following weekend and so my brain is overloaded with great thoughts from so many gifted ones in a short period of time!!! I am “making” order in my home right now!!


    1. Thank you Aimee ~ it’s easy to get sucked back into the crazy paced life we live isn’t it. Would love to hear more from you on what you took away from the retreat. Blessings on the upcoming birth of your baby!


  4. Ruthi, this is lovely. I understand why it took a while for you to put your experience down on paper as I had to spend time processing your words. How lovely God is to give us times away from the world and family to get to know Him better and to share and be ministered by sisters in Christ. I had such an experience about 35 yrs. ago and was partnered for a long walk and quiet
    time with a woman who was a few years older and had almost grown children. God had a purpose for that and we are still close sisters in the Lord in spite of time and space. I treasure her and we still send our thoughts, prayer requests and ideas back and forth by phone or e-mail. God provides so abundantly for our needs…even those we don’t acknowledge we have. Love!


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