learning curve

This is a random post of some things I have recently learned in no particular order.

Office ~ we decided to move my office from its cramped quarters downstairs to a wonderful room-to-breathe space upstairs. It’s an empty nest corner bedroom, nestled in next to the trees. I now actually have windows to look out and stretch my eyes. If I look just so, all I see is the lush green of the trees and our little dirt back alley. I could almost imagine that I am in the country. I’ve learned change of perspective is not only good, but sometimes necessary.

Computers ~ I love my computer and I hate my computer. Sometimes in the same nano-second. Enough said!

Dogs ~ even short-haired dogs create a lot of dirt!!!! I have never claimed to be a good housekeeper, but I do my best. In the process of cleaning out yet another closet, I was surprised appalled by the amount of dog hair in the way back! Of course we have had the dog for  over two years and I have not seen the “way back” of the closet  since we got him. I have learned that dogs produce just as much dirt as they do unconditional love, but they are worth it.

Garden ~ gardening in Florida in the summer is not fun. Mom and I gave it a shot, but it’s kind of like trying to have a Northern garden in the winter snow. So we will stay inside and plan our fall/winter garden.

Library ~ it had been so long since I had been to the library… years… that I had been “deleted”. Sad. But now I have my fancy dancy blue library card and am having fun… feels like I am in school again or a mom with young kids. I have learned that you are never too old to learn and have fun.

Jaxson ~ I spent an unexpected 3 days with Jaxson and his parents last month. Have I told you how much I love this kid?

He is so much fun. I just love his personality.

I came home with my heart full, a few dozen photos and the stomach flu. Despite the  sharing of germs, I have learned grandchildren are the BEST!

Relationships ~ relationships that encourage and build up are the ones to put your energies into. I am learning that takes thought, energy, time and a preferring of the other.

Dad ~ Two years ago yesterday our family made the very difficult decision to place Dad in the hospital and then in the care of a nursing facility.  What began as a “couple of months to live”  state of mind, became a roller coaster of good days and bad days for the past two years. I have days when I really don’t like it. I have days when I am so grateful for the “extra” time God has given us. And for the people we have met because of Dad’s circumstances.

I recently listened to a couple cassette tapes (remember those) of Dad’s preaching. I have learned that God works all things together for good.

Gifts ~ Mike works as a counselor for the Table Rock Ranch boys camp in Montana each year. {One day I will have some photos of the camp to share with you} This year Veronica was able to join him and now they are enjoying a time of fun and relaxation before heading home this week. One day at the ranch, a storm came through and Veronica took this photo.

Isn’t that amazing?! Veronica said it was a full rainbow. She just couldn’t get it all in the photograph. I have learned that God gives us gifts everyday, if we just slow down and open our eyes.

Consequences ~ This isn’t a great photo, but this year I decided to put up a feeder to attract birds. I think this is what you do when you pass the fifty mark. Anyways, birds came, but so did the rats. I learned I dislike rats more than I like birds.

I have learned that I apperciate you, my blogland community, very much. Each one of you is a gift to me.

May your week be one filled with gifts from His hand, gifts that teach you something wonderful.

5 thoughts on “learning curve

  1. Ruthie, I thank God for your gift of writing and photography and what you do with the two of them together. I don’t respond much, but I love reading and looking, everyday. you introduced me to the amazing Ann Voskamp and her wonderful creativity. thank you for using what God has given you. Gloria


  2. Loved it all! You are learning so many valuable things!! And that grandson is precious. So glad you got to spend time with him.


  3. Thanks for the words. You and your Dad are gifted…He touched my heart as a youth and young adult…you now are doing that job. THANKS BE UNTO GOD!!

    the tapes of Dad….would you be able to duplicate one for me?


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