5 Minute Friday {beauty}


Finding beauty in my everyday life is something I have learned to do often. Especially with my camera in tow. God’s beauty is everywhere. But there is another kind of beauty.

Beauty is as beauty does…

Beauty is a young wife and mother making a jungle house a home.

Beauty is a man willing to risk his life so that others can hear the good news.

Beauty is being lost and then found.

Beauty is giving of yourself for others.

Beauty is a smile that encourages.

Beauty is forgiveness freely given.

Beauty is a young mother nurture her son,

Beauty is grace in waiting.

Beauty is a spontaneous dinner with friends.

Beauty is the privilege to be a child of God.

Beauty is as beauty does.


linking up today with gypsy mama’s 5 minute friday challenge 

10 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday {beauty}

  1. Beauty is listening to your sister/friend when her wordings are spilling out and she only has a few people that she can trust to catch them … Beauty is YOU my sister/friend Ruthi !!!


  2. Maybe now, the poet Keats’ lines make sense:
    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all
    Ye know on earth and all ye need know.”
    Thank you, dear friend, for helping to make this world beautiful—a true reflection of the Divine.


  3. You are beautiful, Ruthi! Knowing some of your story and then reading this……..God’s grace at work in your heart is a beautiful thing!


  4. thank you friends 🙂 this 5 minute friday thing is not as easy as I thought… a challenge to just do it. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and for your kind words.


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