sunshine when skies are grey

WordPress informed me that this is my 250th post. Seems appropriate for such wonderful news. Life has been very full for our family. Sometimes I can’t keep up. I certainly find blogging to be low on my to do list compared to the other things going on… as it should be!

Life can be very grey at times. We don’t have to look far to see pain, discouragement, disappointment, and hurts. But here in this place I choose to record for the future how we lived our days, giving thanks for the many good gifts God pours out on us in our seemingly ordinary lives. Oh, how He loves you and me!

This past week was so full of gifts that there is no way I could put it all into one post, so I will condense it and if life allows I will come back and share more.

Friends and family gathered over the weekend to celebrate the gift of new life that God has blessed Mike and Veronica with. Time is getting close and we are so excited to meet this little guy!

Isn’t she just beautiful!

Amber and Jaxson came for the celebration and stayed with us for FIVE days! Oh the joy!!!

And just this morning we found out that come February

Jaxson will have a…

Oh yes! How He loves us and gives us sunshine when skies are grey.

{I promise to do my best to pull out a few favorite photos from the 230 I took last week and share with you soon!}

… a GIRL! oh my, I made need a second job…

11 thoughts on “sunshine when skies are grey

  1. We are excited too! Baby Boy Reichman will be here soon and soon to follow Baby Girl Jacobs!!! The tree is sprouting! What a treasure the Lord gives. Grandpa Art would dearly love this and I will tell him all about it too. How are you going to control yourself, Ruthi? Love Mom


  2. You are my Sunshine ..
    My only Sunshine..
    You make me Happy..
    When skies are gray ..
    You’ll never know dear..
    How Much I LOVE YOU !!!


  3. How Precious is your news! I’m reminded of Ps. 139…How God meticulously created us in our mother’s womb, how He intricately wove us and knows all about us! How marvelous. May God give you the strength to carry yor heavy load. Give my love to Art & Evy, too. Love & Prayers,


  4. Veronica looks beautiful ! I’m so happy for her and Mike. Being blessed with 2 little grandsons and now a little granddaughter on the way as well. You are one busy grandma!!! enjoy. love ya.


  5. Opa and I are so excited about the soon to arrive great grandson and great granddaughter. Such joy of anticipation. Wish we could have been there for Veronica and Mike’s baby shower. She certainly is beautiful. Her face glows. Hugs to you all. Oma De Jong


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