a day of kindness

As promised here are some photos of Veronica’s baby shower. Finding time to continue my 15+ year tradition of creating scrapbooks AND blogging photos is a time challenge. So I decided to combine them by sharing some of my pages here (minus the journaling). Unfortunately this means smaller photos for you to view but I hope you can still enjoy them and get a feel for the day.

Veronica’s shower was such a delight… a day so touched by the love and kindness of others. Diana, Amber, Tara and Amber, thank you for hosting this shower and making it so special!

Such a blessing to have family together… Mike’s mom, Martha, Amber and Mom.

Shower details: Each guest was given a little candle that they are asked to light when they hear Veronica is in labor and to pray.The coconut cupcakes made by Amber Rickert were so very delicious and beautiful! The guest book was an actual book… The Giving Tree (one of V’s favorites), which everyone signed on the inside covers. The location of the shower was the Riverhouse on the Manatee River, giving us beautiful views outside our windows and yummy food!

So many wonderful things for baby Boy Reichman!

It is always such a good thing to spend time with such beautiful souls.

And can an expecting mama be any more beautiful?! We are so thankful that Veronica has felt good throughout her pregnancy. At 36 weeks, she is now feeling a bit uncomfortable. Thank you for your love and prayers as we anticipate this special little boy’s arrival, praying for baby and mama’s good health, peace and much joy.

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