a new look for my favorite season

Tomorrow is the first day of my favorite season! A new look for this space seemed like a good way to celebrate. Yeah for fall or autumn or harvest… whatever you call it, I LOVE it! Now before my northern friends laugh at me, let me say that we do experience autumn here on the west coast of Florida. There has been a change in the air for a couple of weeks now, a hint of coolness early in the morning. The relentless heat, humidity and mosquitos will soon give way to eight months of beautiful live-on-my-porch weather! We are so ready! I have already pulled out the dried leaves collected from travels where leaves actually fall in the fall, pumpkins, sweaters (ok maybe not sweaters, but at least long sleeves) and yummy soup recipes. Thoughts seem to focus more on what really matters and Gratitude shows up in my heart more often. And tomorrow, a stop at Starbucks drive-thru is a must. Pumpkin spice latte, please. It’s a tradition for the first day of Autumn… I like how that sounds.

What do you love about this time of year?
And what do you call it… fall, harvest or autumn?

8 thoughts on “a new look for my favorite season

  1. Aahhhh– love the new look Ruthi!
    I call it Autumn, and I can’t choose just one thing about my favorite time of year– I love the cozy, tucked in feeling of earlier evenings. I love the changing leaves and rich colors of the landscape. I love sweaters and hot chocolate. I love long walks and apple picking and all the spicy and savory tastes of the season.

    And I love the colors of your new header!
    Have a happy day!


  2. Love your new look! And I love, love, love the picture of your parents and the verse you put with them!! God is still using your parents in so many ways! Have you heard Christa’s song “A Thousand Things”? Just thinking that it might apply!

    And we call it Fall. We are beginning to really see it here. The leaves are changing quickly and the air is cooling.


  3. must say I am a bit jealous of you two North Carolina friends… I may have to just plan a trip up there one autumn… Yes, Trish I have heard A Thousand Things and it brings encouragement! thanks my friends.


  4. A great new look! Makes “Fall” feel like it’s within reach…and I can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you ever need a traveling buddy to go experience the change of seasons/fall north of the Florida state line, I’m available! Just say’in! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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