stuck like glue

Thirty-three years of joy, fights, hairstyles, fluctuating weight, love, kids, memories, grandkids, love, adventures, grace, laughter, dancing in the minefields, and forgiveness is worth being stuck like glue. Thanks for being my super glue, Mark. I love you.

11 thoughts on “stuck like glue

  1. oh happy happy day to you both … WONDERFUL slide show … your posts are just getting more and more amazing … special love … j


  2. Congratulations!!! Love, love, love the video and the music! So upbeat and happy. What a wonderful gift to have such a good marriage for so many years. Yes, your hair style and your weight might have changed a few times (haven’t we all experienced that?!)……..but you have never aged! You look great! And you both look great together! Hope it’s a been a great day.


  3. Dear Mark and Ruthi,

    Congratulations on you 33rd Anniversary. Dad and I enjoyed your video so much. Dad says he thinks Mark is looking more and more like him. I would agree. Ruthi, you and I have been blessed with these De Jong men! Have a great day today, and a blessed year ahead. We love you so much!
    Dad and Mom (Sylvia)


  4. Congrats on 33 years of love..I missed this somehow and just saw it this morning. Hoping that your day of celebrating your love was wonderful and that it continues for many, many more. Thanks for sharing your life with us.


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