sunday scripture

You, Lord, give true Peace to those who depend on You,

 because they trust You.

So, trust the Lord always,

because he is our Rock forever.

Isaiah 26:3-4

{1970 ~ sunrise over the Tapanahoni River, Suriname, South America}

2 thoughts on “sunday scripture

  1. Ruthi,

    This picture and these verses mean much to me! Tuesday marks one year that our Caleb left us. My heart is so heavy this week-end, and it’s a good reminder that when the river rages inside me, my Rock can be trusted to give me peace.


  2. Ruthi,
    Our scripture in Sunday School this morning was Mark 2. When I turned to the passage in my Bible, there were notes in the margin from a message 8/3/92 your Dad taught. “4 Men Only” helpless, healer, hinderer, helper! Then this question, “What do I do that keeps people from coming to Christ?” How special to remember what a blessing and encourager he was in our lives.
    Thank you Art & Evy for investing in so many lives,


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