a note from Jaxson

Hi there! My Nana has been busy getting ready for my cousin’s arrival, but really wanted to share about our time together three weeks ago, so she asked me to tell you all about it.

My mom helped me pack up my toys and then we drove to Nana and Papa’s house because there was a baby shower planned for my Auntie V. My Nana is always so excited to see me.

She found this rocking horse at a friend’s yard sale and I sure had fun on it.

There is a park just down the street from Nana and Papa’s so we walked there and had fun playing on the playground.

One morning we filled up a couple tubs with water and found some toys in the shed. What fun!

Papa liked to push me around in my little car.

We even put gas in it!

Great Grandma Evy brought me a present… a book about dogs. I love books and dogs and Great Grandma Evy!

One day, Nana and I stayed in our pajamas all morning and made cookies. They had chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and pretzels in them.

My Auntie V loves me and tells me I am going to have a boy cousin to play with very soon. I can’t wait!

My mom, Auntie V and Nana took me to Whiteberry’s for some frozen yogurt. They say it has lots of good probiotics in it, but I just thought it was yummy.

My Papa says he sure loves having a boy around. Sometimes he acts just like a kid too. I think that’s great!

I love to explore and sometimes I walk so fast my mama has to run after me. I sure keep her busy!

My Nana says she loves it when I come to visit and she is always telling me how cute I am and that I am her sunshine when skies are grey.

I don’t know all about that, but I sure am glad my mom and I could spend a few days at Nana and Papa’s, even though I did miss my Dad and my bed.


7 thoughts on “a note from Jaxson

    1. Jaxson, for a little guy you sure do write well. I guess that sums it up … good looks from Papa and brains from Nana. Loved having you here! keep it real dude :}


  1. Loved your story Jaxson…..looks like you take after your nana…she has a way with words too. Hugs to you and all of your wonderful family!!! Debbie


  2. Absolutely love the pictures and of course comments, brings tears to my eyes!!! God made you a wonderful masterpiece to all you touch! Love and miss you guys!!


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